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Recently, Xiaobian often sees the same problem from the owners' friends on the Internet, that is, my home has begun to be decorated, but whether the decoration company is professional and whether the decoration process is appropriate

recently, Xiaobian often sees the same problem from the owner's friends on the Internet, that is, my home has begun to be decorated, but I'm still uncertain about whether the decoration company is professional and whether the decoration process is qualified. Xiaobian has a heart of thinking about what the owner wants and worrying about what the owner wants, and “ Sacrifice ” During the lazy weekend, I personally came to the construction site where our family was responsible for the decoration to find out. Before going to the construction site, Xiao Bian imagined that the construction site was all dirty and messy, and he specially wore a sports suit. But as soon as he entered the door, he found that the construction materials were neatly stacked together, and there were no sundries on the ground, which was unexpectedly neat. This commercial and residential room has just completed the reconstruction of water and electricity, as well as the construction of the wall and ground. The horizontal and vertical water and electricity wiring, the wall and ground are leveled and neat, and the horizontal snapping line is very clear, leaving a good foundation for the next decoration construction. Of course, many people say that Xiaobian just takes out some pictures, which is not convincing. We still don't have a clear and intuitive judgment standard for the quality of the decoration company. Based on this problem, through the inquiry of the on-site supervisor, Xiaobian summarizes six steps to judge the good and bad construction of the decoration company, hoping to help the owners. Step 1: don't think the first impression of the doorway is unimportant. Effective protection of the doorway environment can reduce neighborhood complaints and make the decoration more smooth. Decoration companies that understand the market will not omit this. At least the customer experience is satisfactory at a glance. Correctly demonstrate, pay attention to details, protect the ground in the doorway corridor, stack materials neatly, pack old garbage into bags, stack in corners that do not affect walking, and use curtain fabric to partition when there is no door; Use a professional protective sleeve behind the gate to prevent scratches and dirt. Step 2: whether the living room is dirty and messy is bad. Generally, you can see the living room when you enter the door. It is natural to see at a glance whether it is clean or dirty and messy. A good decoration company looks clean and tidy at a glance, but the general construction site is dirty and messy, which means that the company behind it has poor supervision, so it's time to give them a discount. Error demonstration pay attention to details. Generally, the decoration company will give a clear construction schedule, the baseline on the wall, and protect the installed facilities such as windows and air conditioners at the construction site, so as to facilitate the construction of workers and masters at every link. If your decoration company fails to do this, their professional quality will be marked with a question mark. Step 3: the cleaning and decoration of the temporary toilet can not be completed in a short time. What about the workers' eating, drinking, sleeping on the construction site during the construction period of several months? Through the details of the cleaning of temporary toilets, we can actually reflect on the management and attitude of a company, which will be very important in the future contact with the company. The fourth step of correct demonstration: the attitude of eating details is the same as that of bathroom cleaning. The details of workers' eating can also see the quality of workers and the service attitude of the decoration company. Generally, in order not to affect the construction quality, workers and teachers will choose to eat out. Even if objective conditions do not allow, the decoration company will also equip workers with integrated stoves, and designate and plan rest areas for workers to rest and eat. The fifth step of correct demonstration: it is important to see the level of construction details. It is important to see the technical level of the decoration company through the construction details, whether the slotting of hydropower construction is standardized, whether the strong current and weak current are clear, whether the mud wood construction workers are stable, whether attention is paid to the details when paving, etc. Step 6: after the above five parts have been completed, you have basically mastered the situation of the construction site. You have basically mastered the habits of workers, the attitude of the company, and whether you are careful. At this time, there is the last step, which is to go up and communicate with the workers. Although most workers are not talkative, some of them will also communicate with you when you praise them. At this time, you can ask some behind the scenes questions skillfully. Xiaobian's message hopes that these can bring you some reference when you decorate your home, and make your relatives less confused and more determined in the decoration. That's the biggest driving force for Xiaobian's tireless writing. See you next time





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