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The strong cultural atmosphere, strong sense of design and high quality are the impression of osheno ceramics to most consumers, and it is also the brand image that osheno ceramics has been taking care of carefully

strong cultural atmosphere, strong sense of design and high quality are the impression of osheno ceramics to most consumers, and it is also the brand image that osheno ceramics has always carefully cared for. In today's extremely rich material, after meeting the basic functional needs, it is often the magic weapon for enterprises to win in the competition if they keep improving in user experience, artistic aesthetics, process technology and so on

"the reason why Oushennuo ceramics can develop to today is inseparable from the ingenuity spirit of our enterprise. This spirit is reflected in the whole process of ceramic tile production: when designing, we should take culture as the background, constantly explore and meet the needs of users; when manufacturing, we should strive for perfection in technology." Said Mr. Chen Jiawang, President of Foshan Oushennuo Ceramics Co., Ltd

Liu Xiaobing is a product designer of Oushennuo ceramics company. At present, the "Baoyu Zhenpin" with excellent reputation in the market comes from her team. Asked about the unique way of this product, she emphasized that the design of contemporary products can follow the traditional culture and start from the inner needs of users

"for thousands of years, the Chinese nation has a special preference for jade, but it is not allowed because of the scarcity and precious of jade, let alone ceramic tiles used in a large area." precious jade ・ Zhenpin ", referring to world-famous jade, finely restores the texture and layering of natural jade, realizes that ceramic tiles are as warm, transparent and delicate as jade, and helps consumers realize the private art space of Huating jade." Liu Xiaobing said

the origin of osheno ceramics and jade is far more than this. As early as 2000, jade ceramic tiles were introduced. By the time of "Baoyu Zhenpin", it is the fourth generation. For more than ten years, I have been addicted to this and formulated the national standards for this category of products. On April 19, 2016, China's first jade culture themed stage play "impression precious jade" was officially launched at Shenzhen Poly Theater. More than 1400 jade culture lovers, high-end customers and interior designers attended the show. The play, with traditional jade culture as the background, is ideological and artistic, enriching and enhancing the connotation of the company's jade ceramic tile products

"precious jade ・ Zhenpin", visually similar to real jade, has the same thick cultural and artistic flavor, and is highly recognized in ceramic tiles. In addition to special design, in terms of technology, this series of products adopt the traditional craftsman method of "one step at a time, slow work leads to fine work"

"the firing temperature of this product reaches 1250 degrees, which is more than 1200 degrees in the industry, so it has higher requirements for energy consumption; it is fired three times for 4 hours, which is the product with the longest firing time in the industry; anti-counterfeiting chips are implanted to ensure that each piece is unique." Yang Liangjun, the ceramic process production department of osheno, said that the excellence of the process is also due to the spirit of enterprise ingenuity

he also said: "Although ceramic production has long moved forward from traditional processes to the combination of modern technology and mechanical manufacturing processes, we still need some traditional manual techniques to create special processes, such as' Baoyu Zhenpin '. In the final stage, artisans will process the lines, gloss, accessories and other details of ceramic tiles, which is different from assembly line production, so that the products can meet the market demand for products with high requirements."

in addition to "Baoyu Zhenpin", according to the situation of multicultural integration, osheno ceramics has launched Van Gogh series ceramic tiles, which has also become a leader in sales

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