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Ziguang IOT uiot smart home creates a new era of intelligent villas, and the perfect integration of modern technology and classical housing

Jiuzi ancient town is a unique traditional ancient town in Anhui province built on the Biandan river. The Biandan river connects Wanchun polder, with convenient transportation and rich products. In the Southern Song Dynasty, it was a CaoShi, and in the Yuan Dynasty, it has become an important commercial port of Wuhu, that is, the legendary Jiuzi old street. Qingshan yuandai, white walls and black tiles. Today, the ancient town is rich in courtyard style hotels, water concert halls, academies, museums, clubs, temples and other business forms, restoring the grand scenery of Jiuzi old street in those days. Xijiang moon in Jiuzi ancient town offers Wuhu with ingenuity

the moon on the West River in Jiuzi ancient town, on the West Bank of the river, facing the ancient town, those prosperous sceneries, those white walls and black tiles, are as if you can go back to your dream through thousands of years, which is within your reach. In the bustling ancient town, you can eat, drink, play, buy and entertain yourself, and enjoy a happy life

uiot smart home creates a new era of smart villas

uiot intelligent curtain system

it is not the alarm clock that wakes you up every day, but the beautiful scenery outside the window

get up in the morning: open the window regularly, the sun shines into the room, and the sleeping master wakes up from his sleep; Wind and rain sensing closing: when it is windy and rainy, the curtains will close automatically

linkage scenario: PM2.5 senses air pollution and carbon dioxide. When the concentration is too high, it automatically opens the window for ventilation

one key control: when leaving home, close all windows and curtains at home with one key; When the weather is sunny, open all the curtain windows with one key

voice control: uiot intelligent curtain system can understand the owner's words. As long as you quietly "close the curtain" when sleeping, the bedroom curtain will slowly close

uiot intelligent lighting system

manual control: touch panel, ultra sensitive reflection speed

mobile remote control: in any room, use your mobile phone to control the switching brightness and color of all lamps. You can even turn off the lights in your child's room in the bedroom

remote control: realize remote control of lights or scenes through mobile phones. This function can be used to simulate the light condition of the owner at home before returning home at night or during vacation, so as to confuse the thief with evil intentions, or turn off the light that you forget to turn off after leaving home

one key control: the lighting system realizes one key all on and one key all off. When you are asleep or before leaving home, you can press the all off button once, and the lighting equipment will be turned off, eliminating the trouble of checking all rooms

scenario linkage: the intelligent lighting system can also be linked with the security system. When there is an alarm, the lights in the home will constantly flash and alarm

timed scene: turn on the light in the bedroom slowly to a suitable brightness at 7:00 every morning; When the night falls, all lights are automatically turned off. In particular, the regular turning off of lights for the elderly and children can not only protect vision, but also optimize sleep quality

voice control: turn on/off the light through the mobile phone voice or smart speaker to wake up the scene

uiot intelligent air purifier can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants, remove odors, inhibit bacteria and other multiple functions. It can be remotely controlled by mobile phones and intelligently linked with environmental sensors to create a healthy environment for home life

intelligent linkage: if the concentration of indoor dust particles, formaldehyde and CO2 exceeds the standard, automatically open the air purifier, fresh air, ventilator and window to improve the indoor air quality

uiot intelligent sleep system

people spend about one third of their life in sleep. Have you lost sleep? Insufficient sleep seriously affects health, brain thinking, normal development, aging, and leads to various diseases. Uiot intelligent sleep system allows you to sleep without worry

sleep monitoring: real time monitor the heart rate, breathing, turning over, time out of bed, and number of nights during sleep. If there is any abnormality, immediately call the police, and children thousands of miles away can also know their parents' physical conditions in time. Medical accuracy, giving you the highest quality monitoring

intelligent linkage: after sleeping, automatically turn off the lights, windows and curtains, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, and create a comfortable sleeping environment for the family; When you get up at night, turn on the bedside lamp and bathroom lamp automatically. When you return to bed, all the lights will go out automatically

care and care: mothers can monitor children's sleep status through app, monitor children's work and rest habits, and help children grow up healthily

health report: monitor and record the sleep condition in real time, so as to form a sleep quality evaluation report and know the sleep condition of yourself and your family at any time; Work under high pressure, adjust your schedule and life mentality in time according to your sleep report, and welcome a better life in a better state

uiot intelligent home safety system

wireless ZigBee emergency button - elderly care products. When the elderly encounter emergencies or physical discomfort, press the emergency button and immediately send alarm signals to the mobile terminal through SMS and app to achieve timely rescue

remote control: what if you forget to turn off the gas valve and go out? Click the "safe kitchen" mode, the gas valve is closed, and the power supply of high-power electrical appliances is turned off, which is safe and reassuring

scene linkage: when leaving home, the valve closes automatically

dangerous situation treatment: when the gas leakage monitor detects the gas leakage, it immediately links the manipulator to close the gas valve, open the window, open the exhaust fan for ventilation, and send the alarm information to the householder at the first time. When the water leakage monitor detects water leakage, it will immediately send an alarm signal and drive the solenoid water valve to close at the same time to avoid unnecessary losses

one key rescue: one key alarm, one key rescue in case of emergency

fall alarm: if the elderly falls accidentally, GPS will locate the fall location and notify their families, timely and accurate rescue, and minimize accidental injury

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