Effect drawing of perfect toilet decoration

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Perfect color matching, unique decoration and exquisite layout, although the small family bathroom with simple bathroom and sanitary ware can bring you a different visual impression. I believe you will gain by appreciating the following group of decoration design cases

the light green background wall of the washstand is the biggest highlight of this small family bathroom. The fresh and pure color brings a pleasant visual impression, and then relieves the tension of the small space. The bright contrast between the wine red bathroom cabinet and the wall brings visual impact and enhances the effect of space decoration. The bowl shaped washbasin on the bathroom cabinet is made of glass, and the exquisite carvings on it show the aesthetic feeling of art, which looks very good

with white ceiling, white background wall, white floor, white sanitary ware, white crystal lamp and exquisite oval mirror, the small white bathroom looks spotless, creating a very fresh living atmosphere and bringing people a comfortable feeling. At this time, the orange flowers next to the washbasin are particularly eye-catching, breaking the monotony of space decoration design

although this space itself belongs to a small house type, the overall layout planning is orderly. The bathroom is surrounded by glass. Although the space is small, it has all kinds of functional equipment. When taking a shower, you can pull down the shutter attached to the glass partition to ensure its privacy. The decoration design is simple and ingenious

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