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October 1st, 2016 is a beautiful day for all to celebrate, and it is also a great day for fine carpenters. Celebrate with the motherland, Jingcai craftsman Zhenghe exclusive store is grandly opened

Jingcai craftsman Zhenghe specialty store has made a strong landing in Zhenghe West Street, not only from the appearance, but also from the product, aiming to create a high-quality brand that reassures Zhenghe and the people

standardized store image, reasonable product display area, and eye-catching brand publicity have effectively deepened consumers' understanding of the brand of fine craftsman. I believe that under the leadership of Zhenghe dealers, Zhenghe specialty stores of fine craftsman will become stronger and stronger

after years of trials and tribulations, the craftsman of fine materials has created today's leading position in the industry. No matter how the years change, the craftsman of fine materials has always been determined to produce and sell green and environmental friendly quality plates, adhere to the business philosophy of "health service to the home", the business philosophy of "leading quality and health first choice", and the pursuit goal of "providing ecological and natural environmental protection products". The craftsman of fine materials is brave to advance. As time goes by, his original intention will remain the same after all

here, we congratulate the craftsman brand on becoming another strong player, and congratulate the new store on its successful opening and booming business! Create performance myth

"with the most excellent quality, let each piece of plate become the most devout pilgrimage to nature". With respect to nature, the craftsman of fine wood brings environmental protection and health to consumers and escorts them

national chain Zhenghe Zhanxin store of fine wood craftsman

Tel: 17705997759; 15659929579

address: No. 112, Zhenghe West Street (200 meters below the third middle bridge)

official website of ecological plate Craftsman: www.jcyjbc Com

National Service Hotline: 400-021-8580

public wechat: Jingcai craftsman wechat service number: Jingcai craftsman board




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