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According to foreign media reports, Japanese negotiators said on Wednesday (May 22 local time) that in the very critical US Japan trade negotiations, the issue of US restrictions on Japanese cars will be dealt with technically, and the issue of export restrictions in April this year will not appear in the trade negotiations between Japan and the United States. Previously, the United States and Japan have been unable to reach an agreement in trade negotiations. Recently, the United States has repeatedly said that it will take tariff restrictions on automotive products. This move is believed to be mainly aimed at European Union and Japanese automakers

according to the above media reports, kazuhisa Shibuya, a senior official of the Japanese government, revealed that people are becoming more and more interested in the next generation matrix after holding negotiations with American representatives in Washington, D.C. The United States believes that there are still some differences between the United States and Japan on trade issues, but the two countries have agreed to continue their negotiations

US President trump said last month that before his visit to Japan in late May, the United States and Japan may reach a bilateral trade agreement that will determine his material quality. However, both he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the two countries still have differences on some trade issues

just last Friday, trump announced that some imported cars and parts are safe for the United States. However, he announced that he would postpone the decision on whether to implement the tariff increase policy for six months. This move aims to allow more time for trade negotiations between the United States, the European Union and Japan

it is understood that the US Japan trade negotiators launched the first round of trade negotiations in mid April this year. In the first round of negotiations, the United States and Japan mainly negotiated on the trade of agricultural products and in the field of digital trade. With the continuation of negotiations, especially the recent tariff policy of the trump administration, the United States has mainly focused on bulk commodities and industrial fields to put forward requirements to Japan

Japanese economic minister minchong MaoMu said that Japan and the United States would hold working level trade negotiations on May 21 local time. According to the Kyodo news agency of Japan on May 22, the Japanese side said that there were differences with the United States on the tariff issues related to automobiles and agriculture, and the two sides should have more patience to reach an agreement

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