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Kiwiplan's automatic scheduling system

normal>kiwiplan software system provides automatic scheduling system for corrugated box factory and corrugated line. Over the past 30 years, kiwiplan system has launched a number of advanced scheduling solutions, all of which are designed to help carton factories realize factory automation. Now, 450 factories around the world have installed this high standard automation software system. The company said that more than 70% of the world's leading integrated packaging enterprises have standardized their production and operation with kiwiplan software system

Innovative production tools such as "Six Sigma", "lean management" and "Kaizen continuous improvement" are used for analysis. The location of grounding device shall be convenient for wiring test and reduce the production of defective products, and can achieve the production of construction technology specifications. However, how to make better use of management tools? Kiwiplan provided the answer: automatically save by managing the number G): after the experiment, it can point out the accurate production status - whether it is the waste in the factory, imitating the real machine production speed, the reason for the machine shutdown, the number of times the machine can run, the status of the machine not running, the timeout demand, the base paper inventory unit that needs to be modified in the minimum range and maximize the paper width, etc. The system can also provide price advantages for all key performance indicators (KPIs) obtained by computer

normal>kiwiplan customers use PCs (production control system) to control production operations. At present, more than 25 factories have used case (continuous automatic scheduling environment) to realize tile line scheduling automation. Case allows the tile line to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a minimized personnel supervision mode. This automatic scheduling production program has continuity, and can accurately transfer data to the tile line operators, and then carry out production according to specific business requirements

normal>kiwiplan's proven products cover all aspects of the supply chain and production execution system. The kiwiplan system makes automation possible by collecting detailed production and machine information

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