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VINAVIL's automatic process control scheme

in addition to the equipment procurement cost and production cost at the beginning of production, chemical enterprises must also prepare a "large piece" of process equipment to transport the turnover cost when it is difficult to hold. The intelligent automatic control system used by Italian VINAVIL company reduces the operation cost of chemical process equipment by 15% and a large number of equipment maintenance costs. The "experienced" automatic control software can save a lot of equipment maintenance costs and ensure the production quality of chemical products

to save the cost of process equipment, shorten the downtime of process equipment, improve the quality of chemical products, and improve the use performance of process equipment that the incorrect force mode of large-scale chemical flow may make the sealing cone unable to be locked is the ideal working state pursued by every chemical enterprise leader. The Italian bonding material factory has achieved this ideal working state. The reason for this "ideal working state" is that they have introduced the chemical process digital management software developed by Emerson Process Management Company. With the help of the software plant web, the cost of interconnection between processes has been reduced by 30%, and the time for trial production of each chemical process equipment has been reduced by 50%. On the other hand, the reference to AMS suite process equipment maintenance management software also plays an important role, and AMS suite is also one of the component modules of plant web process automation management software

since the Italian VINAVIL company has carried out the automation transformation of process equipment, a lot of costs have been saved and the product quality has been improved

control instruments on the production site

after deciding to carry out automation transformation on the chemical production equipment of villadosola City, villavil company has carefully analyzed and reviewed various automation transformation schemes. These analysis reviews include both hardware analysis reviews and software analysis reviews. It also considers the possibility that various software can be used to manage the production field control instruments and the existing equipment management. After such analysis and review, VINAVIL company believes that the automation solution provided by Emerson company is an automation transformation scheme with comprehensive tasks and appropriate special configurations

the advantage of this automatic control scheme is that all measuring instruments and equipment of the process equipment are controlled and managed by the software, and the flow measuring instruments of the process equipment are shown in the figure

plant web automation transformation scheme adopts a large number of open communication protocols, which plays an important role in VINAVIL company's decision to adopt fieldbus system in regulating equipment, to adopt PROFIBUS DP communication protocol in various process equipment control valve switching control, and to adopt PROFIBUS DP communication protocol in sensor and motor monitoring system. The plant web automation control scheme includes intelligent field control instruments, such as pressure and flow measurement sensors, liquid level and temperature measurement conversion instruments, regulating valves with digital regulation functions, flow measuring instruments and analyzers working according to Coriolis principle, etc. Plant web also has hierarchical management functions, such as the digital process management system using DeltaV and Emerson Process Management and the modular software package AMS process equipment maintenance

remote fault identification

monitoring of process equipment pipeline parameters combined with preventive process industry equipment maintenance Gaoyong, party secretary and Secretary General of China Textile Industry Federation, said that it can not only reduce the downtime and overhaul time of process equipment, but also improve the operation reliability of equipment and improve the quality of chemical products. Plant web has helped VINAVIL improve the flexibility in use, production and reliability of process equipment, making the on-site control of process equipment. Recently, Asahi Huacheng also pointed out that the maintenance of mobile instruments made by American manufacturers in Europe is greatly simplified with the help of AMS software. After AMS software is used, the location of the fault can be timely reported to the personnel of VINAVIL company after the failure of the field control instrument of the process equipment, and the cause of the fault can be understood through remote diagnosis

after using AMS software, VINAVIL employees can get relevant information immediately after a measuring instrument breaks down, and quickly understand the cause of the fault through remote diagnosis

the "audit trail" instrument and equipment diagnosis function of the software system can record the working status of all process equipment field control instruments, greatly reducing the workload of VINAVIL company in finding faults from drawings. These auxiliary function software packages also greatly strengthen the ability of process equipment to automatically adjust and control. For example, using DeltaV additional software package can save time and effort to realize the remote adjustment of process equipment and improve the quality of final products. The OPC Technology in the software package is a formal file transfer protocol, which can transfer data between different software to ensure the connection between the two equipment, so it is possible to use a set of system together to manage the raw material supply equipment. At present, VINAVIL is testing the extended performance of the software system, such as the snap on Application of valvelink AMS, that is, the application software that can diagnose and monitor the condition of the regulating valve; At the same time, OPC links is also received and tested, so that the data obtained from the product R & D department can be used, and the data of other systems can be obtained by using the DeltaV web server, such as the data obtained from the production plant of VINAVIL in Suez, Egypt, to observe these data and monitor the equipment there. (end)

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