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Automation is very important, and professionals are more valuable

under the current downward pressure of the economy, many enterprises are feeling the pain of transformation and upgrading. How to achieve effective and innovative transformation is a headache for many entrepreneurs

in enterprise transformation, innovation should take the lead. "First, concept innovation, second, R & D innovation, and then management innovation. Centering on the topic of enterprise transformation, chentao, chairman of Shenghong Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., shared his own experience. He believed that ideas determine the way out, and what enterprises must do is to innovate ideas

Chen Tao said that at present, Shenghong technology is transforming towards automation, intelligence and gradually raising the piston to information. The fully automated and information-based intelligent workshop invested and built by the company only needs 350 employees, which can produce an economic benefit of 1billion yuan. In contrast, in the past, the workshop needed 2400 employees to produce 1.2 billion yuan. Calculated, the profit of the intelligent workshop can be nearly 100million yuan more

although the enterprise representatives present agreed with Chen Tao's successful experience, they also expressed concern and desire for professionals, a key factor in the transformation of automated and intelligent production

at present, developed countries return orders through advanced manufacturing, while developing countries grab orders through low cost. This situation is very serious for domestic enterprises. The chemical changes in the PCU of Huayang Group seem to be related to the long-term placement of relevant shares. Zouganrong, chairman of Huayang Group Co., Ltd., said that in recent years, Huayang's traditional industries have been undergoing transformation and upgrading. Through semi automation and automation, the number of people can be reduced by 1000 every year. In the first may of this year, due to the reduction of personnel, the total sales volume of the enterprise fell by 4%, but the profit increased by 10%. Zouganrong hopes that the government will increase its support for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the training of professionals

in the past, the biggest problem encountered by enterprises was the difficulty of recruiting people, but now the difficulty of employing and retaining people has become the biggest problem. True dimension ② The fixture itself has no fixed structure. Yangxun, chairman of Huizhou Clothing Co., Ltd., frankly said that by improving the work quality and skills of existing employees, employees can create greater value for the enterprise, which is also a shortcut for enterprises to use talents to realize transformation and upgrading

Yang Xun suggested that the government should help enterprises recruit, employ and manage people, give greater support in supporting the joint running of schools and enterprises, and cultivate and retain more professionals suitable for the development of enterprises

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