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Automatic production of expansion screws

expansion screws are commonly known as tension blasting screws in Guangdong, which are divided into two categories: Tension blasting and top blasting. Among them, stretch blasting accounts for 70% and 80% of the category, accounting for a large proportion. Due to the large supply and marketing volume, most of the stretch blasting rods are still divided into two parts: the first ten twists. The automation of heading (cold heading) is very common and simple, which basically ensures that there is no difficulty in the process of sensitive transmission. However, in the thread rolling process, the tail of the pull and burst nail is solitary, and it is impossible to slide on the automatic bridge. As a result, most enterprises still use the local method of manual feeding. With the scarcity of local employees in Guangdong, the wages continue to rise, and the need for automatic thread rolling equipment has become thirsty for knowledge

in this environment, many professional expansion screw production units have requested to take advantage of our specialized mass production and proprietary technical talents and experience to cooperate with the development of such models. Finally, we have used more than two years to develop this automatic thread rolling machine. The principle of this equipment is that the vibrating feeding plate is cleverly equipped with adjustable bottom cushion blocks, and the vibrating swing angle principle is used to push the nails to the nail path, so as to solve the difficulty of single head nail clamping. The other difficulty is the straight-line feeding nail groove. This part is responsible for transmitting the tension and explosion nail blanks of the nail path to the feeding part through the vibrating swing angle handle, and then the nail blanks are separated by the manipulator. So far, the feeding mechanism can easily send the materials to the tooth rubbing part in operation for formal automatic production, Using this technology, we first applied for two patented inventions and utility model technologies, and then developed automatic thread rolling equipment for special parts on this basis (such as heavy head and light rod, reverse head selection, ultra short rod, etc. see the attached figure). It is this kind of special but not extensive machine, which is the secret weapon for the standard parts factory to gain profits for the first time

in the Guangdong market, since the second half of 70 years, there have been 30 keywords that constitute a document. Many manufacturers are relying on this model to become prosperous. Most manufacturers have specially set up special workshops to use fully closed processes, so as to lead to the diffusion of this technology to the industry, so as to maximize their own benefits

in conclusion, after all, this model is moving towards mass production after new development and Research (for example, the clamping surface of samples such as plastic film and fiber wire). The clamp of the tensile testing machine generally adopts excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel, and uses the patent of the two hand hydraulic universal testing machine to consolidate its own performance, so as to better transition this technology to each series of standard parts factories, so as to expand the new fruits of win-win

note: the equipment, design, use and maintenance of this blasting automation is still a new product in the industry, so many manufacturers feel very fresh. However, after visiting, they found that this design has unique creativity, advanced concept, simple and practical principle. It does not need to be put into worker training and special operations, and it is easy to use, which is beneficial to the output and profit space of other models. This is what we call profit creation value. It is hoped that this technology can benefit the standard parts industry

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