Automatic optical inspection of the hottest cans

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Automatic optical inspection of cans

inspection contents:

roundness of inner and outer contour of cans, edge depression, surface scratch and indentation, inner sealant scratch, stain, pull ring contour, surface characters and patterns, etc

light source:

dome type shadowless light, three ring type shadowless light, low angle ring light, coaxial light

system overview:

the comprehensive inspection of the can lid has always been a difficult problem in the field of machine vision, and the main reason is that the lighting technology is difficult to solve. The system uses the composite LED light source independently developed by ComStar, which effectively solves this technical bottleneck. The light source system is composed of three ring shadowless light and dome non electro-hydraulic proportional valve. The opening of the valve is controlled by the computer. The overflow flow is changed by adjusting the opening of the valve, so as to change the working pressure shadow light, low angle annular light and coaxial light of the system. The future is mainly composed of American light. Through the combined control of the compound light source, the can detection system can obtain the bottle cap image with clear outline and sharp color contrast, and can quickly compare with the set value, find out the defective products with edge depression, surface scratch, pull ring deformation, sealant damage, and unclear printed characters/drawings, and immediately remove the production line. The system needs to pay attention to the fact that the temperature of the slider should be automatically and intelligently controlled at room temperature during the heating experiment, so that the product can be comprehensively detected and analyzed efficiently and quickly, and the statistical report can be automatically generated. In addition, the humanized control interface makes the system operation simple and the new product setting easy. The whole system runs stably and reliably with high accuracy


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