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Machinery industry: automation, intelligence and integration of manufacturing industry are imperative, focusing on industrial interconnection

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this week's core portfolio: Sany Heavy Industry, Hengli hydraulic, CRRC, XCMG machinery, Aidi precision, Liugong, Japan machine seal, Shaangu power, Boshi Co., Ltd., kevos, and China testing

this week's view

the robot industry has entered a period of integration, and the upward turning point may appear in 19h2. This week, we investigated the annual conference of China's robot industry. Industry experts and participating enterprises generally believe that China's robot industry is now entering a period of integration, and the industry differentiation will become more and more obvious. Only enterprises with core technology advantages and deep cultivation in subdivided industries are expected to survive. In recent years, the labor cost of domestic manufacturing industry has increased significantly (the labor cost of some high value-added enterprises has reached more than 50%), coupled with the requirements of industrial upgrading on product quality, it is imperative that machines replace people. At the same time, robot flexibility and intelligence are the general trend. We know that pendulum impact testing machine is aimed at the impact resistance of relevant materials under dynamic load. Artificial intelligence technologies such as machine vision will more penetrate into the robot industry and further promote the application range of industrial robots, especially in general manufacturing industry. Looking forward to the whole year, we estimate that the industrial situation increasingly requires an upward view of the growth of the robot or industrial automation industry. Until the second half of this year, on the one hand, the main reason depends on the macroeconomic environment, because the capital expenditure of the manufacturing industry determines the demand for industrial robots; On the other hand, the base number in the first half of 2018 was not low, and the obvious decline in demand occurred in the second half of 2018

the implementation of industrial interconnection may be faster than expected, which deserves special attention. The extension of automation hardware represented by industrial robots to intellectualization and networking is the end of calibration of industrial mutual experimental machines. At present, the understanding and judgment of China's industrial interconnection have been formed from the top-level design, that is, the national strategy and policy level, or the industrial level. At the same time, China's relatively short industrialization time (less burden) makes Chinese enterprises more receptive to emerging digital technologies (even if some are still immature); In addition, in terms of software, three months after the suspension, the 5g implementation in China has taken the lead in the world, various cloud platforms have begun to take shape, and great progress has been made in basic support such as industrial robots and sensors in hardware. The landing of industrial interconnection may be faster than expected. In fact, according to our grassroots research, Alibaba, Huawei and Tencent have achieved remarkable results in promoting industrial interconnection. Interconnected enterprises usually start from collecting data from sensors, put enterprise operation data into the cloud, and then use MES, WMS and other industrial software to realize the transparency of the entire production process, and continue to optimize, reduce costs and increase efficiency

risk tips

the risk that the macro-economy is significantly lower than expected, and the manufacturing investment has fallen sharply

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