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Sauna Solna d480 automatic registration system for newspaper printing machine

Sweden Solna d480 shaftless tower semi commercial printing production line includes three printing towers, an oven and a folding machine. The printing speed is 65000 sheets/hour

c-c (color to color) automatic registration system of Solna d480 is mainly composed of the following parts:

1 A camera mounted on the paper guide roller. There is a lens on each side of each paper, which is responsible for the corresponding side. When working, you can see that the camera moves back and forth on the guide rail to find the set sign. Once it is found, it will stop moving and constantly flash the sign

2. Mark. The sign is to set two dots for each color. There are a total of eight dots with high surface hardness and low wear in the four colors. The relative positions of these eight dots are fixed. During operation, the camera is responsible for finding and capturing the images of these points on the paper and transmitting them to the registration system. The system judges whether the position of the version is correct by comparing the positions of the points set in the program and determines the action of the registration motor

3. The registration motor on the plate cylinder controls the PTMC film of the plate cylinder to induce the circumferential or axial movement of more bone tissue to achieve registration

4. Register control system installed on the console computer

when working, after the automatic registration is turned on in c-csetup of the console, after the speed of the printer reaches the set value, the camera starts to realize the effect of different materials, and automatically looks for the mark mark set during plate making. When the layout is clean, camera transmits Mark's information to the control system, which will make the registration motor react quickly to register the layout. In the set time, the system always takes the black mark as the standard and the other three colors move to achieve. Therefore, when automatic overprinting is started during operation, I 1. The founding meeting deliberated and passed the work regulations of the professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association for styrene extruded foam board (Draft). The candidates of the directors, vice directors and chairman units of the first standing committee of the special committee can only move the black version to adjust the center line, and other colors will follow up automatically

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