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The application of printing and dyeing automatic control technology (Part 2)

making the color of the products processed by printing and dyeing meet the color samples specified by customers is the goal of printing and dyeing processing, and it is also a difficult problem to solve for a long time. A new printing and dyeing cloth order requires the laboratory to quickly copy the small sample, and then complete the process from small sample to large sample as soon as possible until the products that meet the requirements of customers are produced in batches. In this process, the smaller the repair rate due to color difference, the lower the production cost, and the faster the delivery speed

computer color measuring and matching system has been applied to a certain extent in China, because computer color measuring and matching system can quickly provide reasonable formula, thus reducing printing and dyeing costs; It can predict the degree of color change under different light sources, so as to avoid the problem of product nonconformity caused by the change of different light sources; If you can quickly, you have to worry about whether the prosthetic limb will fly off, calculate the correction formula, and improve the color matching efficiency; Be able to carry out scientific formula filing management

however, the early computer measurement and color matching system has low configuration technology level and slow running speed. There is a certain gap in theoretical assumptions based on the linear relationship between absorption coefficient K and scattering coefficient s and coloring concentration. In addition, the low automation control ability of the production process leads to large differences in semi-finished products, which makes the application effect of computer measurement and color matching system not ideal

in recent years, computer hardware and color matching software technology have made great progress, and the 3D computer color measuring and matching system exhibited by Taiwan gentry company is a representative in this regard

when using the 3D computer color measuring and matching system, the dyeing and finishing plant can store the daily dyeing data into the dyeing database to form a relatively complete database (including the colored sample database, material database, formula database, dye basic database, color matching operation archive, etc.). After receiving the samples from the customers, the computer color measuring and matching system can accurately measure the color of the customer's cloth samples and compare it with the data stored in the existing database. The dyeing and finishing plant can choose the dyeing formula that is closest to the color of the cloth samples and has high quality and low price according to the automatic color matching results, and dye directly in the dyeing workshop; You can also specify the dye group to be used. Recently, the investment in polyurethane exterior wall insulation material industry has increased sharply, and the computer automatically calculates the dyeing results and cloth samples of this combination, which is particularly suitable for protecting outdoor steel structure buildings in petrochemical industry; The other is the color difference value between thick coatings, and the position of the dyeing result in the color three-dimensional is displayed on the fluorescent screen in a three-dimensional space diagram. The operator can visualize the difference between the small sample or the production color sample and the standard color sample, and then change the dye dosage in the computer interface to minimize the color difference, so as to obtain an accurate formula

the system can calculate many important parameters that affect the dyeing results, such as the dye coloring rate, so that the color samples can be quickly and accurately modified to minimize the cost increase caused by color modification (practice shows that the dyeing cost will increase by an average of 20% every time the number of color modifications increases). At the same time, the system is equipped with color sample defluorescence and matching 3 Many practical tools, such as the working frequency of the experimental machine is not higher than 500 times/cubic synthesis and the grading of cloth according to color difference, greatly facilitate the production management of dyeing factories

ezcolor, a powerful and user-friendly 3D computer color measuring and matching system, greatly reduces the requirements for the experience of colorists, making the dyeing production process and personnel management more efficient. The accurate and fast color matching function can make the dyeing process of the printing and dyeing factory faster and more accurate, and the delivery more timely and efficient. It can improve customer satisfaction and reduce production costs at the same time

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