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v Copy proof paper

a kind of full absorption copy proof paper, which is blue and brownish red outside. The pictures and texts on the paper can be seen only through light, and its copy is dark. But this kind of paper is not convenient for daily use. The other is to apply a thin aluminum protective layer on the surface of the paper (but it does not affect the printing). Because the aluminum protective layer can disperse or deflect the light of the photocopier, the copy is black. Some anti copy paper will show words such as "copy" and "invalid" after copying, which can effectively prevent color copying of important documents. In addition, there are also anti copy papers that will change color or show hidden words as soon as they encounter the light of the photocopier. For example, Fraser labels developed a substance to deal with color copying. When samples such as trademarks are copied with a color photocopier or scanned with a scanner, the word 'void' will be clearly generated, and the logo will be printed in black and white

VI Anti erasure paper

add special compounds to the pulp or when sizing the paper surface. This kind of chemical encryption paper can develop color or fluorescence when coated with specific chemical reagents. Tickets for a foreign football match are printed with this paper. When checking, just take a pen soaked in a special reagent and stroke it on the ticket, and the crossing part will show black

VII Paper with trace additives

uses the principle that biology has a specific reaction of antigenic antibodies to add a very small amount of antigenic antibodies to a part of pulp or paper. During the detection, the corresponding specific antibody is combined with it, and the authenticity can be identified by the presence or absence of color, fluorescence and other marker reactions

VIII Nuclear watermark anti-counterfeiting paper

a watermark paper formed by taking paper as the substrate and displaying pictures and texts with nuclear tracks. Relying on the large-scale heavy ion accelerator specially controlled by the state, the super energy ion medium special anti-counterfeiting paper, which integrates the ion microporous technology and papermaking technology, solves the long-term problem of anti-counterfeiting and identification of documents with microcomputer control effect

section VI structure and/or packaging anti-counterfeiting technology products

anti counterfeiting technology products that use structure and/or packaging to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. It has the following anti-counterfeiting features: by using a special method in the design and manufacture of goods or commodity packaging, we can use them to conceive the design on the materials we have not even analyzed, so as to make the goods achieve fidelity; A special conceptual design usually includes the use of structure, appearance, packaging and anti-counterfeiting technology. Anti counterfeiting packaging: add anti-counterfeiting settings to the packaging, so that the packaging itself has the performance of anti-counterfeiting detection. This packaging often relies on the different anti-counterfeiting technologies introduced above. Sealing: for bottles and other containers, special sealing materials and molds are used to seal, and anti-counterfeiting graphics or anti-counterfeiting settings are used to ensure one-time sealing and one-time use of the container outlet

I. one time destruction of anti-counterfeiting packaging structure:

in order to prevent criminals from harming consumers by recycling old bottles and filling them with inferior wine, many manufacturers currently use a variety of one-time destruction anti-counterfeiting packaging structures, including destructive wine boxes for outer packaging. For example, the outer packaging of a "Liuyanghe" wine is equipped with a non porous lock, which will destroy the wine box once the outer packaging is opened. There are also one-way protective valve structure, anti-theft cover structure, one-time anti-counterfeiting wine bottles and other anti-counterfeiting designs for inner packaging, such as "Dongjiu" all adopt metal anti-theft covers, "Moutai" wine inner and outer packaging bottle caps all use red twisted anti-theft spiral aluminum caps, "Xifeng" wine adopts aluminum twisted anti-theft caps, "Wuliangye" adopts metal twisted anti-theft caps, etc. Therefore, the twisted anti-theft cover has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and has become the preferred anti-counterfeiting technology for the one-time destruction of anti-counterfeiting packaging structure

II. Laser burn printing

for counterfeiters, this kind of anti-counterfeiting packaging has certain technical difficulties in implementation, and the investment is too large, the gains outweigh the losses, so the anti-counterfeiting effect is better. At present, the technologies used include special packaging materials, laser printing, etc. Laser burn printing is a good anti-counterfeiting packaging technology, which has better effect when combined with anti-theft cover. It is a technology of laser printing at the joint between the lid and the container after the liquor is filled and sealed, so that the upper half of the font is printed on the lid and the lower half is printed on the container. When the consumer opens the bottle cap, the printing on the bottle cap is damaged, while the printing on the container is intact. The printing left on the container cannot be erased and forms a permanent mark. Therefore, it is very difficult to use the wine bottle to make a fake. Because this technology requires high investment in equipment, and these equipment are used on the packaging site, it has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. For example, Xifeng wine is sprayed with the factory date and batch number at the twisted connection of the bottle cap

III. packaging of password preparation

because some large counterfeiters have strong funds and can imitate any kind of products, they must adopt anti-counterfeiting technology of password preparation to deal with these outlaws. For example, the laser burning technology introduced above can combine different passwords of the printing template through font replacement, strictly manage and control its use time and template model, strengthen the management of these technologies, and do not give criminals an opportunity. Now there is also a password anti-counterfeiting wine bottle cap on the market, which is an anti-counterfeiting technology integrating mechanical password combination and code recognition, which makes counterfeiters flinch. For example, "Confucius family" liquor encrypts the logo, and "drunkard" liquor uses code anti-counterfeiting logo, etc

for the packaging of password preparation, one-to-one corresponding commodity ID code and anti-counterfeiting code can be used to realize two-way authentication. After unpacking, the two codes are automatically separated, so that the anti-counterfeiting identification of goods that have not been queried can not be transferred. The two codes are randomly evolved (magic cube technology), and there is no correlation between them. Knowing a pair of anti-counterfeiting tiger symbols will not help to crack other anti-counterfeiting tiger symbols

four. Special material anti-counterfeiting technology products

1. Connotation anti-counterfeiting

connotation anti-counterfeiting is to add trace elements into tobacco and alcohol, and integrate them. The trace elements are used as "tracer" elements and marker elements to identify the authenticity, so that the products are difficult to be counterfeited or imitated under normal circumstances. The trace substances prepared in tobacco and alcohol can produce a color reaction with the indicator paper sealed in the bottle cap or filter mouth, and the color reaction time is from seconds to minutes. In order to ensure that the added substance and the chromogenic substance are not counterfeited or imitated, two detection methods can be used to determine the spectrum or retention time of the substance at the same time. Another method can be used to verify the tested substance, and more than two detection methods can be used to verify each other

2. Isotope marking method

isotope marking method is an invisible invisible anti-counterfeiting mark, which can only be used for very valuable or strategic materials. The principle of isotope labeling method is bimolecular labeling, that is, using an atom or molecule in nature and its stable isotope atom or molecule to combine. Because the chemical composition of the constituent molecule is different from that of nature, a special bimolecular label is formed, such as hydrogen and its stable isotope deuterium, which can be combined into a bimolecular label. In practical applications, the concentration of the final product of this bimolecular marker is very low, only one part of a billion. Injecting it into the identified product will not affect the original nature and quality of the product. Of course, due to its uniqueness, bimolecular markers need to be analyzed by mass spectrometer. The combination of stable metal elements and their isotopes can also produce unique marks to prove and identify metals. Some jewelry companies abroad use special marks of precious metals to identify their product design and production, and some companies use this marking method to identify aviation parts, important assembly components, customized mechanical parts, auto parts, etc

special material anti-counterfeiting technology products must have the following anti-counterfeiting characteristics:

L adopt material characteristics in commodities or on commodity packaging

l use materials that cannot be transferred and copied

l use the recording and inspection of the characteristic quantity of materials to achieve the uniqueness of use (Continued)

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