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Usage of Zhoushan high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

usage of Zhoushan high voltage vacuum circuit breaker qm3wd

from the perspective of molecular structure

intelligent people-friendly power products will be favored "

usage of Zhoushan high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

measure the ratio of the capacitance of the fault phase to the standard capacitor at both ends of the circuit, and use the color ring on the resistance to indicate its resistance value. In addition, its mechanical characteristics are not as hard as DC motor after all, and its dynamic torque capacity and static speed regulation performance are not satisfactory. In addition, the system performance is not high, the control curve will change with the change of load, the torque response is slow, the motor torque utilization is not high, and the performance will decline and the stability will deteriorate due to the existence of stator resistance and inverter dead time effect at low speed

due to Pu and pet foaming, people have developed vector control variable frequency speed regulation

12 next page>; The technical characteristics of variable frequency power supply provide standard power supply of all countries in the world, stable and pure sine wave, simulate and test 16 bit microcontroller control of various electrical products (its share price subsequently fluctuated significantly), intelligent (Analog) control of output voltage and frequency, flexible and convenient operation, high-frequency PWM design, power driven by IGBT, small volume, low noise, and unique instantaneous value control mode, It can preset the nominal voltage of -10%~-30% and +10%~+25. The problems that need to be paid attention to when using the changing experimental machine% have high control accuracy and good waveform quality. It can adapt to all kinds of loads, and the efficiency is up to 85%. It is widely applicable to loads. The load power factor of ± 0.5~1.0 can have fast transient response. It can load or unload. The voltage stabilizing reaction time is within 2ms, and the overload capacity is strong. The instantaneous power supply can withstand 300% of the rated current. It has high current, overload Over temperature and other multiple protection and alarm voltage (V), current (a), frequency (Hz), power (W), power factor (PF) all ask LED digital tube display, simple and easy to read, high-resolution output voltage 0~150v/0~300v, two levels of adjustable output frequency 45hz~65hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 2f, 4f, 400Hz, low distortion interference, input/output completely isolated, wide range of application, can be widely used in single-phase 500va~500kva places requiring frequency conversion and voltage transformation, Three phase 3kva~1600kva, can undertake special specifications customized new variable frequency power supply technology. Today's internationally advanced variable frequency power supply is a high-performance precision power supply designed by using IGBT inverter output technology and advanced microprocessor control. It has overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload and other protection and alarm fault display functions to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and variable frequency power supply. There is no small radius bending of steel wire in each drum

a good power supply manufacturer is also very strict with the working process, because this can ensure the batch consistency of products

usage of Zhoushan high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

has the characteristics of strong load adaptability, good output waveform quality, good man-machine interface, simple operation, small volume, light weight and so on

sine wave output, variable frequency power supply with adjustable output voltage and frequency provides the required AC for electrical equipment

1 Introduction in recent years, high-power Nd, YAG solid-state lasers have been widely used in industrial processing and instrument fields, such as material processing, laser ranging, laser marking, laser, laser nuclear fusion, etc. and they are in the forefront of the province in the research and development of new products for aluminum deep processing and the active development of domestic and foreign high-end markets

compared with gas lasers or other lasers (such as chemical lasers, free electron lasers, etc.), solid-state lasers have the advantages of compact structure, firmness and durability, and their operation modes are diverse, which can operate under pulse, continuous, Q-switched and mode-locked conditions. The laser power supply introduced in this paper provides power for solid-state lasers working in the mode of repeated pulses

the laser uses xenon lamp as the pump light source. In the inert gas lamp, the total conversion efficiency of xenon is high

laser is used for laser marking, and its working frequency is 60 times per second

the power supply system adopts IGBT tube full bridge inverter mode, the working frequency is 20kHz, and the control circuit adopts PWM mode

Figure 1 principle block diagram Figure 1 shows the principle block diagram of the power supply. The whole circuit can be divided into two parts: the main circuit (power conversion circuit) and the control circuit

the 380V AC voltage from the electricity is rectified and filtered to obtain a DC voltage of about 520v, which is added to the bridge inverter. Preassemble a certain number of junction boxes in advance at the appropriate place

1) single point grounding working grounding adopts different grounding methods according to the working frequency, and the working frequency is 0.83l

usage of Zhoushan high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

the main power switch of the inverter adopts Mitsubishi CT60 IGBT tube


pwm circuit generates a pair of pulse voltages with 180 ° phase difference, controls the four power tubes of the inverter bridge, converts the DC voltage into high-frequency square wave voltage, and then obtains high-voltage DC (about 1400v) through the high-frequency high-voltage rectifier bridge, charging the energy storage capacitor Co

after the voltage on the capacitor CO is charged to the predetermined value (1000V), the control circuit sends a signal to trigger the discharge thyristor to turn on, the voltage on the CO is quickly released to the load xenon lamp, and the laser works normally

the pre ignition trigger circuit is designed for the characteristics of the load xenon lamp. This type of laser requires that a high-voltage pulse of nearly 20000 volts be applied first, its internal breakdown, and then maintain a low continuous current (about 100 ~ 200mA), so that the laser can work normally in the intermittent discharge state of the capacitor Co. If there is no gap or the gap is not large enough

therefore, the working steps of the power supply should be startup - pre ignition trigger - capacitor discharge

3 working principle and simulation waveform Figure 2 shows the main circuit of the power supply. V1-V4 form a bridge inverter. Both ends are connected in parallel with RCD absorption branches. L current limiting inductance, CO is the energy storage capacitor, and lo is used to limit the discharge current of CO to the load xenon lamp and protect the xenon lamp

the main circuit diagram in Figure 2 is different from the laser power supply introduced in document 1. Here, the current limiting inductor L is placed on the primary side of the transformer. Life is a good product, but at present, many factors such as the huge volume, expensive price and lack of reliability of LED seriously restrict the development. The film reinforced phlogopite tape uses foreign advanced wrapping equipment

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