Application of aseptic packaging technology of the

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The application of aseptic packaging technology of glass bottles

the packaging technology of glass bottles and glassware tends to be high-strength and lightweight, and the heat shock resistance of glass bottles is also greatly improved, Even if the temperature difference between inside and outside is above 800 ℃, it will not break, which greatly promotes its application in sterile packaging technology. The British dairy research institute first developed the glass bottle sterile packaging technology, using 154 ' (;, 4. 8Mpa superheated steam is blown to the glass Tun and heated for 1.5s -2s. After sterilization, the sterilized cow is filled. Click the start experiment button milk, and the sterile packaging product is formed after sealing.

the glass bottle sterile packaging device of American Dole company is composed of empty bottle sterilizer, sterile environmental construction filler, bottle cap sterilizer and gland type sterile filling bottle machine. The whole system uses superheated saving to disinfect bottles and bottle caps and maintain filling and filling In the sterile state when capping, the empty bottle is sent to the air trap in the sterilizer. First, it is pumped into a high vacuum to purify the gas and the air in the bottle, and then it is subjected to 154 -c, 0. 4MPa wet steam disinfection 1. 5s-2s。 Because the glass bottle is only subjected to instantaneous high heat on its surface, Therefore, the glass bottle will soon be cooled to about 49 '(; before entering the filler. The filler will be sterilized in advance, and 262' will be connected (; the superheated steam keeps sterile, and the direct injection circumferential seam filler injects the sterile products with constant flow into the bottle. The sterile capping machine is similar to the ordinary automatic steam jet vacuum bottle sealing machine. But the superheated steam keeps sterile, which can be used for the sealing of convoluted caps and pressure spinning caps. The bottle caps are automatically aligned from the cap container to the cap sterilizer, and then steamed with superheated steam. But how can these waste materials be effectively used for processing and manufacturing? After steam disinfection, they can be automatically placed It is placed on the mouth of the filled bottle that enters the capping machine, and then the finished products are automatically capped and packaged and sent out of the machine. Zhonghua glass () Varian Department

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