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How to use the tape retention testing machine

it is necessary for every operator to be familiar with the operation of the equipment. Whether the machine fails or the test value is inaccurate, the applicable water standard JGJ 63 (8) 9 for concrete mixing may be caused by improper operation. When the machine fails, the operator should be the first to find it and do not affect the subsequent use. Therefore, The correct operation of the equipment is particularly important. Here is the operation method of the constant temperature belt retention tester:

1. Cut 1 inch wide strip of tape and stick it on the specified stainless steel plate

2. Use 2kg standard rolling roller to roll back and forth at the speed of about 300mm per minute for three times, so that the tape is evenly distributed and pasted on the steel plate

3. Hang the steel plate on the hook of the test chamber, reset each timer and add the calibrated weight

4. When the tape falls off the steel plate, the timer will automatically pre store the test time of the test

5. The recorded test time will be used to determine the persistence of adhesive tape adhesion

note: when hanging weights, you must confirm whether the timer is reset according to the publicity information

6. Connect the power plug to AC220V 50/60hz 10A according to the nameplate

7. Turn on the power switch

8. The temperature controller is set at 70. C. Or other specified temperature

9. Open the upper two exhaust ports to facilitate the smooth discharge of the generated hot gas

10. Except for setting the temperature, other functions of the temperature controller have been set before leaving the factory. 1. Accessories and things that expand the application function of the experimental machine are locked and cannot be changed

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