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The world's largest paper packaging manufacturer has settled in Xiamen

the world's largest producer of industrial paper and paper packaging has officially settled in Xiamen, and Xiamen has added a new world top 500 enterprise to see whether the software is connected to the machine. On January 7, mayor zhangchangping of Xiamen met with Pat Moore, President and CEO of Smithfield stone company of the United States, who came to Xiamen to investigate. He used the straight spectrum calculation formula: calculate the total root mean square value of acceleration

Zhang Changping welcomed the guests' visit and hoped that American guests would bring more paper projects to Xiamen and build a paper industry chain in Xiamen

"we have long wanted to invest in Xiamen." Said the customer of Smithfield stone company in the United States. The company and its partner American International Jifeng group company have preliminarily decided to invest in the food industrial park in tonganxico town. The company decided to comprehensively utilize recycled paper resources, develop, produce and sell paper backing plates with patented technology, use paper products that play an important role in protecting greenhouse film, and design and print packaging and decoration. The project is expected to start in March this year and put into operation at the end of the year. The total investment of the project is 12.5 million US dollars, and the annual output value is expected to be 140million yuan after it is put into operation

zhangchangping said that Xiamen attaches great importance to environmental protection and is also hoping to introduce foreign capital to develop the papermaking and packaging industry. If American guests can make full use of Xiamen as an important port, put recycled paper and other projects in Xiamen for production and extend to paper packaging, and cooperate with existing packaging enterprises in Xiamen, they will achieve greater development

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