62% of the forest area in Hebei Province completed

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According to the forestry and grassland Bureau of Hebei Province, since the beginning of this year, Hebei Province has overcome the difficulties brought by the epidemic, such as the blocked transportation of materials such as seedlings, the shortage of labor, and the increase of afforestation costs, strengthened organizational leadership, compacted objectives, and launched the bid starting in 2015, innovated institutional mechanisms, carried out in-depth the "three innovations and four constructions" activities, and accelerated the creation of forest cities, The construction of xiong'an Green Expo Park was planned with high quality, large-scale land greening was actively and orderly promoted, and significant results were achieved in afforestation in spring

as of mid May, the province has completed 4.959 million mu of afforestation, accounting for 62% of the annual task, an increase of 14% year-on-year. Among them, 3.37 million mu of afforestation was completed, accounting for 67.4% of the annual task; Forest management completed 1.58 million mu, accounting for 52.7% of the annual task

this year, the general office of Hebei provincial government issued a notice to decompose the afforestation task of 8million Mu to cities, counties and villages, conduct pressure at all levels, and strongly promote the in-depth implementation of afforestation in spring. Party committees and governments at all levels in the province have paid close attention to the implementation, formulated implementation plans, refined afforestation tasks, implemented work measures, concentrated human, material and financial resources to tackle difficulties and promote them. All relevant departments have made concerted efforts to promote afforestation and greening

the competent forestry and grass departments at all levels have made innovations to solve the problem of labor shortage by actively absorbing the returned stranded migrant workers to plant trees nearby. By opening up green channels, order production, adjusting seedlings nearby, and planting seedlings with high-pressure rubber hoses, we can solve the problem of blocking the transportation of afforestation materials. Help forestation entities solve financial problems by issuing forestation subsidy funds in advance, implementing online electronic bidding, and reducing approval links. With key speed regulation and experimental force displacement digital display, the oil change cycle and maintenance interval of automotive engines can be extended by 50%. It is shown that online technical guidance training and group building can be carried out to guide grass-roots departments and farmers in scientific afforestation

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