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The application of anti-counterfeiting technology of drug packaging

the anti-counterfeiting technology of drug packaging needs continuous progress and improvement, so as to make up for the disadvantage of China's late start and keep up with the pace of developed countries in Europe and the United States, and the current situation of China's paper industry market. The anti-counterfeiting technology applied in the pharmaceutical packaging industry is not just a simple use of a certain technology in printing, but a perfect anti-counterfeiting system composed of anti-counterfeiting technology, detection methods and management methods

the anti-counterfeiting technology of pharmaceutical packaging in China started late. The application of anti-counterfeiting technology in the pharmaceutical packaging industry is not many, and the types are few. At present, the main applications are some simple and easy to identify anti-counterfeiting technology. However, with the development of the technology of the whole anti-counterfeiting industry, the anti-counterfeiting technology of pharmaceutical packaging also needs continuous progress and improvement

application of anti-counterfeiting technology in drug packaging

the anti-counterfeiting of most drug packaging in China is very simple, and some are only pasted with anti-counterfeiting labels on the outer packaging bags. The packaging materials directly in contact with drugs apply less anti-counterfeiting technology, and the useful ones are relatively simple, without any anti-counterfeiting, while the manufacturing and printing of drug packaging boxes are relatively simple, which objectively provides convenience for counterfeiters. In Germany, there are nearly ten kinds of anti-counterfeiting signs on a palm sized medicine box. It uses anti-counterfeiting signs that can be recognized by the naked eye, such as microfilm, glazing and gravure printing technology on banknotes, as well as anti-counterfeiting signs that can be seen only with special lenses

packaging materials with good anti-counterfeiting performance and not easy to be imitated are expensive, coupled with people's weak awareness of packaging anti-counterfeiting, resulting in the use of anti-counterfeiting packaging materials in the domestic pharmaceutical market is not optimistic, especially some domestic enterprises with poor economic benefits rarely use such packaging, and only some domestic enterprises with good economic benefits and foreign-funded enterprise pharmaceutical factories are using such anti-counterfeiting materials

classification of anti-counterfeiting technology

the anti-counterfeiting technology applied in the pharmaceutical packaging industry is not simply a certain technology used in printing, but a complete anti-counterfeiting system. With the help of anti-counterfeiting technology, consumables, software and other providers, a system integration consisting of anti-counterfeiting technology, detection methods and management and use methods is established, and there are also many international players to effectively prevent the proliferation of technology. At present, the anti-counterfeiting technologies that can be used for drug packaging include holographic anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, paper or special materials anti-counterfeiting, positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting, laser film anti-counterfeiting, nuclear track anti-counterfeiting, biological anti-counterfeiting, comprehensive technology anti-counterfeiting, etc., but some technologies have not been adopted by China's pharmaceutical enterprises. To improve the overall level of China's pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting technology, we need the joint efforts of all relevant industries

I. holographic anti-counterfeiting

includes holographic anti-counterfeiting, rainbow holographic anti-counterfeiting, transparent holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc. Commonly used is holographic anti-counterfeiting, which refers to the technology of using the interference and diffraction principle of light to record the form of interference fringes of light waves emitted by objects as "holograms", and reproduce the three-dimensional diffraction image realistic to the original under certain conditions. For example, the medicine boxes of Lijunsha and Sanjin tablets are pasted with three-dimensional holographic anti-counterfeiting signs of true color light polymer, and the relative position changes of the patterns can be seen from the angle of view conversion. There are two types of holographic images: white light imaging and laser imaging. Due to many reasons in technology and management, the means of illegal elements to copy holographic anti-counterfeiting marks is becoming stronger and stronger, but after all, illegal elements still have problems in obtaining the original holographic images and the production process to varying degrees, and it is easier to find flaws, such as the variation of the circular pattern in the center of the logo of fake watermelon cream throat tablets and the blurring of lines

enterprises should strengthen their dominant position in the market. In addition, when applying rainbow holographic anti-counterfeiting, the light irradiation angle should be appropriate, and the illumination should be moderate. Too strong light affects the observation of "Rainbow" effect, and too dark light also affects the observation of "holographic" effect

II. Ink anti-counterfeiting

(I) photosensitive anti-counterfeiting ink

ink that can emit visible light under light irradiation is called photosensitive anti-counterfeiting ink. The light referred to here includes ultraviolet light, infrared light and natural light. UV fluorescent ink is commonly used in drug anti-counterfeiting, and such anti-counterfeiting labels are often made into colored shading. However, there are many fake UV fluorescent anti-counterfeiting seals. When identifying such anti-counterfeiting icons and fonts, we should pay attention to the impact of ambient light on the identification effect. Sunlight induced discoloration ink is essentially discolored by ultraviolet radiation, so ultraviolet light can also be used for observation and detection. At present, infrared anti-counterfeiting ink is less used in drug identification anti-counterfeiting

(II) thermal anti-counterfeiting ink

ink that can produce color change effect under heat, usually the color change temperature is 34 ~ 100 ℃. If the color change temperature is in the range of 34 ~ 36 ℃, the change of the logo pattern or tone can be observed by touching or breathing with your hand when identifying the anti-counterfeiting logo printed by this kind of ink; If the discoloration temperature is above 36 ℃, it is called super hand temperature discoloration ink, which can be observed by slightly baking with heat sources such as lighters and matches. For example, the thermosensitive memory sealing label of Jingfukang granule has thermosensitive memory effect. When it is roasted with fire, the blue mark and capsule will turn yellow (the white part of the capsule will not change color), and it will return to the original color after cooling. Counterfeit anti-counterfeiting signs or patterns generally do not change color, or the color change tone is incorrect, the temperature change speed is not obvious, and the printing is rough

in addition, there are pressure-sensitive anti-counterfeiting inks, magnetic anti-counterfeiting inks, optical variable anti-counterfeiting inks and other inks used in anti-counterfeiting technology

III. anti counterfeiting of paper or special materials

at present, it is common to choose special materials in the anti-counterfeiting of drug packaging, such as anti-counterfeiting paper and anti-counterfeiting packaging materials. The instructions of drugs such as Lijunsha, Yunnan Baiyao and Bubu Naoxintong capsules use special watermark paper, while Mailuoning injection uses chemical watermark paper. In addition, there are fibers, ribbons, etc. embedded in paper as anti-counterfeiting. The blue packaging bottle and plastic cover of calcium gluconate oral liquid are anti-counterfeiting packaging materials Identification of true and false -- thousands of commodity identification methods

IV. positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting

positioning hot stamping is to hot stamp the pattern at the specified position, which is very difficult in technology. It requires packaging and printing manufacturers to have precise positioning hot stamping equipment and matching equipment that can meet the requirements of positioning hot stamping, so as to meet the precise positioning effect. The production process of positioning hot stamping foil is very demanding. Only a few manufacturers in the world can provide qualified hot stamping. Mr. Yang Qingjin, chairman of Jin min group and founder of Jin min we work, initiated the tape label. All anti-counterfeiting technologies used in general holographic anti-counterfeiting adhesive labels can be used on hot stamping labels, such as pixel holography, true color, synthetic encryption, micro lithography, photochemical relief and other technologies, which can play an excellent anti-counterfeiting effect. Positioning hot stamping is organically integrated with the packaging box itself, which complements other anti-counterfeiting technologies, and can also greatly improve the decoration effect of packaging

v. laser film anti-counterfeiting

laser film is a new holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging material, which combines laser film with paper, makes laser anti-counterfeiting printing on the laser film, and produces laser anti-counterfeiting packaging box through the process of carton + laser film + printing, which not only maintains the printing characteristics of the original packaging box, but also realizes the flashing laser anti-counterfeiting effect. The laser effect has the characteristics of bright colors, clear layers, clear images and so on. The process is unique and difficult to copy. It not only has the anti-counterfeiting function, but also makes the packaging beautiful and improves the product image. For example, the laser film on the outer packaging box of "Sanjin tablets" produced by Guilin Sanjin pharmaceutical industry can show "Sanjin tablets" from different angles, and the company logo has two different words and images

others, such as special printing anti-counterfeiting, nuclear track anti-counterfeiting, biological anti-counterfeiting and comprehensive technology anti-counterfeiting, are widely used in the field of drug anti-counterfeiting

source: China Pharmaceutical Machinery

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