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Mechanical equipment automation control application

a highly integrated automation platform integrating discrete control, process control, lubricating oil distribution uniformity, motion control, and man-machine interface. A control system can be programmed using high-level programming language or traditional PLC language. The programmable automation controller PAC combines the advantages of PLC and PC, and combines the powerful computing power, communication processing, extensive third-party software of PC with the reliability, firmness, ease of use and other characteristics of PLC

i-7188 series product function:

i-7188 series product is an embedded polishing controller used as CPU, with 512k static RAM and 512k flash memory. It provides one RS-232 communication port, one RS-485 communication port and one 10Base-T port

the series products of the company can easily and completely build an application system from the upper man-machine interface to the lower automatic control, effectively reducing the system cost! Applicable to: injection molding machinery, packaging machinery, ceramic machinery, environmental testing machine and other automation equipment

provide the following two automatic control application development tools

· use the C language familiar to engineers to develop and build automatic control application software. 2. Reduce the speed and reduce the inertia of the load at the same time

· use isagraf tool to develop self-use material dynamic control application software with better performance and price ratio. Isagraf is an industrial automation software, including soft logic programming toolkit and application development tools for automatic control. Isagraf is used in various industrial computers to form a cost-effective soft logic controller. Isagraf complies with internationally recognized automatic programming software standards; IEC。 The windows platform is used as the development environment, and all five PLC languages are supported. Isagraf has a wide range of applications, and can complete efficient and reliable control engineering from simple mechanical control to complex high-speed process control

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