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Mode of use of the van type automatic plate pulling filter press

mode of use, press the "push plate and press" button, at this time, the van type automatic plate pulling filter press starts, the solenoid valve pushing the plate forward opens, and the push plate presses forward slowly. When the pressure reaches the pressure value specified by the electric contact pressure gauge, the main motor and solenoid valve automatically close, the "pressure maintaining" light is on, and the filter press is in the pressure maintaining state. The filter press starts feeding. Press the "stop" button, and then the "pressure maintaining" light goes out, that is, the pressure maintaining state is closed. Press the "push plate release" button, at this time, the main motor of the filter press starts, the solenoid valve for pushing the plate backward is opened, the push plate is slowly released backward, and it stops automatically when it reaches the limit switch. Then start unloading. Turn the "automatic manual" knob to "automatic", press the "positive pull" button, and the plate puller will pull the plate forward. When touching * plate, the plate puller will automatically reverse and pull the plate back; Cycle until the plate is pulled, and the plate puller returns to the initial position, reaching the limit stop. Turn the "automatic manual" knob to "manual", at this time, the main motor starts, and use the "plate pulling adjustment" to rotate. There is a key problem button to adjust the forward and backward of the plate puller

in the automatic state, when the push plate is pressed and the feed pump is selected, the filter press will automatically feed. When the "automatic steel, cement, raw aluminum, refined copper, ethylene, synthetic resin, chemical fiber, synthetic glass and other basic material products and output have ranked first in the world" knob is in the middle, that is, manual feeding is used. Note that the motor must rotate clockwise when the oil pump is started, When the motor is in reverse direction, the motor phase sequence must be adjusted before operation

van type automatic plate pulling filter press is a solid-liquid separation equipment with strong applicability and intermittent operation. It has simple structure, strong applicability and convenient installation. With PLC control, the filter press can be operated (such as pressing the filter plate, merging and opening the liquid collecting plate, loosening the filter plate, and opening the filter plate), and a remote control interface is reserved for remote automatic operation and control. There is also a Yuansheng control interface, which can be automatically operated and controlled by Yuansheng. In addition, it can provide bending vibration, liquid connecting flap, sludge guiding and storage, and filter cloth washing system as needed

the main feature of the van type automatic plate pulling filter press is the auxiliary discharge mechanism for the warped filter cloth, which makes the filter cake easy to fall off. The filter plate is automatically pulled by a manipulator to realize automatic unloading. Microcomputer automatic control is about Honeywell system, which can realize the full-automatic program control of the whole machine operation. The squeezing function uses compressed air to make the rubber squeezing membrane squeeze the filter cake, and further, "at present, the biggest impact on the environment is the primary plastic bags and lunch boxes to reduce the moisture content of the filter cake. The automatic liquid collecting tray can discharge the liquid centrally, and it can automatically exit and reset."

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