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Usage of hydrostatic devices (such as hydrostatic bearings and guide rails)

usage regulations of hydrostatic devices (such as hydrostatic bearings and guide rails):

1. Start the oil pump of the hydrostatic device oil supply system first, and the pressure will reach the design specified value after one minute. The pressure oil will make the metal stretch above the spindle or workbench, and the tension will be controlled within the range of 100 Newtons. What is the specific process of the test? The phase melting range 220 ~ 240 ℃ dry introduction floats, Only then can the machine tool be started

2. Do not stop the oil supply when the static pressure device is in operation. The oil supply can be stopped only when the spindle or workbench stops completely

3. When the oil supply is suddenly interrupted due to the failure of the hydrostatic oil supply system, the operation of the hydrostatic device must be stopped immediately

4. Regularly observe the oil pressure gauge on the hydrostatic oil tank and hydrostatic bearing or hydrostatic guide rail to maintain the stability of oil pressure. In case of abnormal phenomena such as unstable oil pressure or abnormal noise, stop the machine immediately for inspection and continue to work after troubleshooting

5. Pay attention to the drop of oil level in the static pressure oil tank. When the oil level is lower than two-thirds of the height of the oil tank, you must add oil

6. For machine tools working in two shifts, the hydrostatic oil tank is cleaned and replaced once a year, and the hydrostatic device is removed and cleaned once a year

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