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With the progress of science and technology and the growth of various professional needs, printing technology has developed unprecedentedly, and has penetrated into all areas of people's production and life, thus forming a huge market space. At the same time, with the intensification of market competition at home and abroad, users have higher and higher requirements for printed matter. Differentiated management has become a successful strategic choice for many printing enterprises, and printing is a magic weapon for some professional enterprises to win. Obviously, since the reform and opening up, it has attracted the vigorous development of all walks of life, as well as the printing industry. In addition, the development of China's economy, culture, publishing, foreign trade and the improvement of people's material and spiritual living standards, as well as the needs of other aspects for printing, have provided a broad market for the development of China's printing industry, including publication printing, packaging printing, commercial printing and other printing. As an indispensable printing technology in the field of printing industry, its unique process and unparalleled printing effect are always displayed everywhere. Speaking of the printing industry (people in the printing industry), there have been different opinions  943; For a long time, many people's understanding of printing is far from enough, and they don't even know the inner magic and essence of printing! So what is block printing? What is the foundation of printing? What are the advantages

as we all know, gb9851 issued and implemented by the State Bureau of technical supervision The term "screen printing" is defined in the terminology standard of printing technology, which is abbreviated as "screen printing" or "printing"; Silk printing is defined as: it belongs to hole printing, which is different from conventional printing and has characteristics. Its printing plate is shaped, and the layout forms two parts: through holes and through holes. During printing, the ink on the printing plate is squeezed by the ink scraper, and the through holes on the layout are missed on various substrates, forming graphics and texts. See gb9851 for details Standards

printing has three advantages: ① there are many kinds of inks. All kinds of substrates, such as plastic, metal, fabric, woven bags, etc., have special printing inks, and even liquid pigments that are not printing inks, such as advertising colors, oil painting pigments, etc., can also be used for printing, which is not available in other printing methods; ② It can be used in all kinds of gold long glass fiber material shapes. From film to molding, it will not affect the normal operation of the equipment. From plane to curved surface, almost all shapes of substrate can be printed, regardless of size, thickness, soft and hard, which is beyond the competence of other printing machines; ③ Low cost, simple and fast plate making, only a few minutes can be put into printing. Printing is flexible and changeable. It can be manual, mechanical, local and foreign according to the situation, and the relevant equipment can also be determined according to the living source and funds. It has strong practicability and a wide range of printing, so it is known as "universal printing". Printing and distributing plays an important role in the special printing of many industries in modern society (Note: especially in the electronic industry)

in the current vast printing field at home and abroad, the reason why printing has its place and development space depends on its unique considerable flexibility and mobility; The profit of printing depends not on the quantity, but on its unique technology and unique printing effect. Obviously, this is unmatched and irreplaceable by any printing machine. It is unique and unparalleled! The author believes that India is a school of thought "Our customers told us that the professional complex of Keduo can make a living and get rich, which is both industry and art. In addition to the continuous progress of modern society, with the heat resistance of polymers, the rapid growth of China's commodity economy and the diversified development of printing technology, printing technology is also developing rapidly with each passing day, and tends to be synchronized with the modern packaging industry. I firmly believe that in the future, the application scope of printing will be more extensive, and it is clear that The day will be better

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