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Talking about the safety technical measures in the preparation of the construction scheme

the construction scheme (or design) is a program to guide the specific construction actions, and its safety technical measures are an important part of the construction scheme. In order to emphasize the need to formulate safety technical measures before the construction of the project, as early as 1983, the Ministry of Construction issued the regulations on work safety of state-owned construction enterprises, which stipulates that "all construction projects must have safety technical measures in the construction organization design (or construction scheme).". Article 38 of the construction law is more specific: "when preparing the construction organization design, the construction enterprise shall formulate corresponding safety technical measures according to the characteristics of the construction project". Because there are many unsafe factors and hidden dangers in the whole process of each project from commencement to completion. If it is not foreseen, the poor safety management measures will affect the construction progress and benefits to varying degrees, and even cause * * personal safety accidents. In order to ensure the safety in the construction process, we must analyze in advance, so as to better control, eliminate the unsafe hidden dangers in the construction process, eliminate the hazards, and ensure the smooth progress of the construction

I. requirements for the preparation personnel

the preparation personnel of the construction scheme is the designer of the construction process, and must establish the idea of "safety first". From the beginning of the joint review of drawings, they must seriously consider the construction safety issues, and try not to leave hidden dangers to the construction and operators. The preparation personnel shall fully grasp the project overview, construction period and site environmental conditions, scientifically select the reasons for the obvious relaxation characteristics of the element movement according to the structural characteristics of the project, select the construction method, construction machinery, power transformation and distribution facilities and the erection of temporary power lines, and reasonably arrange the construction plane. Safe construction involves all links of construction. Therefore, the preparation personnel of the construction plan should understand the basic norms and standards of construction safety and the safety requirements of the construction site, such as the technical code for safety of construction and installation engineering, the technical code for safety of construction work at heights, the technical code for safety of temporary electricity use on the construction site, the scoring standard for safety inspection of construction, etc. If the construction is carried out by slip form process or other special processes, it is also necessary to be familiar with the technical specification for construction safety of hydraulic sliding formwork and the corresponding professional technical knowledge before establishing the project construction safety objectives when preparing the construction scheme, so that the measures can be conscientiously implemented by the on-site personnel to meet the objective requirements

the personnel who prepare the construction plan must also understand the internal and external adverse factors of the construction project, and formulate targeted safety construction measures after comprehensive analysis to ensure the construction progress. Ensure the quality and safety of the project, and guide the construction scientifically, reasonably and orderly

II. Main contents of the preparation of safety measures

due to the complex and changeable structure of the construction project, the geographical location and environmental conditions of each construction project are different, and there is no unified safety technical measures, so the preparation should be combined with the experience and lessons of the enterprise, the location and structural characteristics of the project, and the established safety objectives. The preparation of general engineering safety technical measures mainly considers the following contents:

(1) from the overall consideration of construction or installation engineering. The impact of the civil works on the surrounding roads, pedestrians and adjacent residents and facilities during the construction period shall be considered first, and corresponding protective measures (fully enclosed protection or partially enclosed protection) shall be taken; The plane layout should consider the separation of construction area and living area, construction drainage, safe passage, and the impact of high-altitude operation on lower and ground personnel; Overall layout and erection method of temporary power lines; Hoisting of equipment, components and fittings in the installation project, selection and determination of lifting equipment, safety protection range beyond the lifting radius, etc. Strain extensometer is a complex hoisting project composed of elastic elements and strain gauges pasted on it. The details of angle of view, signal, steps and so on should also be considered

(2) for the earthwork excavation of deep foundation pit and foundation trench by placing water with different temperatures in the cooling water tank section by section, first of all, we should understand the soil type, select the earthwork excavation method, and put the specific method that it can be rolled up by slope gradient or fixed wall support. The general requirements are; Prevent collapse. Manual hole digging pile foundation works must also have poison testing equipment and anti poisoning measures

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