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Discussion on the quarantine and supervision of wooden packaging of outbound goods

in March 2005, the measures for the administration of quarantine treatment of wooden packaging of outbound goods (Order No. 69 of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, hereinafter referred to as the administrative measures), which was implemented from March 1, 2005, accelerated the industrialization process of wooden packaging enterprises, and also put forward new requirements for the quarantine and supervision of outbound wooden packaging. The author analyzes the problems existing in the whole process from assessment to quarantine supervision of wood packaging label application enterprises, and puts forward relevant suggestions

1 problems encountered in the quarantine and supervision of exit wooden packaging

1.1 problems in the assessment of identification application enterprises

since the implementation of order 69, 58 identification application enterprises have been assessed in Jiangsu Province, most of which have carried out equipment transformation on the original basis and have qualified heat treatment and fumigation equipment, but there are two common problems in the assessment. First, enterprises generally attach importance to the investment in hardware facilities, ignoring epidemic prevention and quality management. The management and technical personnel of many enterprises are not familiar with the management methods and the quarantine requirements of foreign countries. Some enterprises have not yet improved the acceptance standards for raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, etc. Second, some enterprises invest blindly regardless of the market demand of the region. As a result, there are too many wood packaging production enterprises in a region, which leads to the confusion of the wood packaging market and the quality of wood packaging can not be guaranteed. At present, a small number of enterprises have made an issue in the purchase of raw materials and the quality of finished products, aligning the edge of the swing rod with the inner scribed line, which has brought new difficulties to the quarantine and supervision work

1.2 problems in quarantine supervision

at present, some countries are the most important. The adoption of international standards by guide rails is still in the transitional period, and they need to pass customs with plant inspection certificates. According to the requirements of the management measures, when applying for inspection, the enterprises using wooden packaging need to submit the certificate of disinfection and disinfestation treatment issued by the marking enterprise to the inspection and quarantine institution. However, the wooden packaging from outside the jurisdiction often does not indicate the treatment time, temperature, drug type and concentration and other technical indicators on the certificate of conformity, so the inspection and quarantine institutions cannot grasp the quality of treatment, which brings great risks

in addition, according to the management measures, the risk of wood packaging infected by log pests during its use is low, so it is not limited by the quarantine validity period. However, according to 5 code of plant health certificate 6 and 5 administrative measures of the General Institute of animal and plant quarantine of the people's Republic of China on exit plant quarantine 6, the quarantined plant products must leave the country within a certain period of quarantine validity, otherwise they should be re declared. Due to the inconsistency of these two regulations, the measures taken by the inspection and quarantine institutions around the country for the exit wooden packaging are also inconsistent, which brings inconvenience to the quarantine work

2 suggestions

2.1 pay attention to the effective management of the certificate of disinfection and disinfestation treatment. Because the certificate of disinfection and disinfestation treatment does not show the supervision opinions of the inspection and quarantine institutions, it is not convenient for quarantine supervision, especially the supervision in other places. It is suggested to modify the contents of the certificate appropriately: add a description of the treatment process, including the treatment temperature, reagent concentration, treatment time and other technical parameters; Add the signature column of the quarantine personnel, and stamp the seal of the inspection and quarantine department if the certificate needs to be issued. In addition, the certificate 0 of qualified treatment of wood packaging of/outbound goods should be included in the scope of issuing the certificate, and numbered uniformly to ensure the effectiveness of the certificate

2.2 grasp the quarantine validity period of wood packaging after disinfestation treatment as appropriate. In view of the particularity that wood packaging is not easy to infect forest pests after disinfestation treatment, it is recommended to treat wood packaging beyond the quarantine validity period flexibly, such as issuing certificates directly for local wood packaging with good treatment and storage conditions, The certificate will be issued after re quarantine of the wooden packaging in different places with unknown treatment and preservation conditions and the local wooden packaging with poor preservation conditions

2.3 guide enterprises to establish industry associations and strengthen industry self-discipline. The number of outbound wood packaging production enterprises continues to increase, but the market capacity is limited. If there is a lack of standardized management and guidance, it is bound to cause disorderly competition among enterprises, and then affect the quality of wood packaging. Therefore, we should give full play to the role of industry associations, strengthen industry self-discipline, try to avoid disorder, vicious competition and lack of integrity, and improve the overall image of the industry. While strengthening enterprise training and quarantine supervision, inspection and quarantine institutions should strengthen the guidance of the wood packaging industry and the maintenance of the wood packaging market, so as to ensure the quality of wood packaging quarantine

2.4 gradually establish a national exit wooden packaging quarantine and supervision system, establish an exit wooden packaging quarantine and supervision system of the National Federation, and timely publish the list of approved enterprises and foreign quarantine requirements and other information, which is conducive to strengthening the coordination and communication between inspection and quarantine institutions, realizing the effective supervision of the inspection and quarantine system, which is widely used, and is also convenient for enterprises to effectively identify the authenticity of marks, so as to prevent unqualified wooden packaging from flowing out of the country. At present, Jiangsu Bureau has established the quarantine and supervision of wooden packaging for outbound goods in some regions. Through this system, it can realize the remote supervision of raw material acceptance, pest control processing and finished product verification of outbound wooden packaging, as well as the sharing of information such as the list, identification and certificate of conformity of qualified wooden packaging manufacturers. The next step will be in the province, Enterprises using wooden packaging can query the quarantine status of the purchased packaging through the Internet

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