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Focus on the new blue ocean of China's Bathroom Market: urban market

in the process of urbanization and diffusion, the market of building materials industry will also expand, and the third and fourth tier market will also form a blue ocean. For the bathroom industry, we must first do a good job in market layout and quickly seize the first opportunity. We also need to clarify the consumer personality and demand of this market, and design products targeted, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly occupying the market

sanitary ware enterprises need to recognize that the city has an important position in all adhesive industries, and the new situation of market layout

with the in-depth development of the sanitary ware industry, although the sanitary ware industry in the first tier cities has received the highest attention, the market in the first tier cities is close to saturation, and the great market potential contained in the second and third tier cities has been widely concerned by major household enterprises, and the second and third tier markets will become the new layout focus for sanitary ware enterprises to compete for the market. The future competitive battlefield of the bathroom industry will shift to the third and fourth tier cities, which can be said to be the blue ocean of the future bathroom industry

focus on the new blue ocean of China's sanitary ware Market: the urban market

in the region, the performance of the traditional developed regions is still very strong, but with the rise of central China, the western development and other national policies, the sanitary ware market has quietly changed and a new pattern has emerged. Due to its geographical location in the coastal areas, the eastern region has the highest economic development level in the country, and its residents' income level is relatively high. Consumers also have a higher degree of acceptance of bathroom brands. Therefore, medium and high-end brands have become the preferred brands for consumers. Enterprises that are doing the preliminary work of building ABS projects should adopt this new technology and process, and low-end brands and miscellaneous brands will be phased out in this region; With the gradual implementation of the national "central rise strategy", the economic level of central China has been continuously improved, and the material performance is high. The cognition and purchase desire of cabinets and sanitary wares are rising, which has promoted the rapid development of the sanitary ware industry in Central China. The central market has become one of the most potential and largest consumer markets in China

sanitary ware enterprises need to clarify the degree of consumer demand for brands

in the future market, medium and high-end brands are favored by consumers. The reason is that the price of medium and high-end brands is relatively civilian, which is within the range of most consumers. Although third tier brands have price advantages, they have many complaints and low cost performance. In addition to brand selection, consumers pay more attention to cost performance. In the long run, medium and high-end bathroom brands will dominate the future market, and miscellaneous bathroom brands will be gradually excluded

in the current sanitary ware market, the development of enterprises must not rely entirely on the external environment. They have good resistance to a wide range of chemicals. If they want to find business opportunities under adversity, they need to start with themselves. Only by doing a good job of market research and deeply understanding the changes in consumer demand, can they make targeted countermeasures to achieve the purpose of efficiently occupying the market

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