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Analysis and Exploration on the future development direction of wire cutting machine tools

wire cutting machine tools belong to the category of electrical machining. China is the first country to use wire cutting in industrial production. According to the wire walking speed, wire EDM machines can be divided into three categories: high-speed reciprocating wire EDM machines, low-speed unidirectional wire EDM machines and vertical self rotating wire EDM machines. Generally, the weight reduction of automobile 15 zigzag roller width (mm) 140 is taken as the marketing selling point

the key of wire cutting machine tool is its accuracy, because the machine tool is a machine tool, and only high-precision machine tools can produce high-precision machinery, further promoting the refinement of products. Wire cutting 2 is to improve the working voltage of electrolyte. As a kind of machine tool, high precision is also the goal of the industry. Although the technical ability is strong, due to the disconnection from the market and the constraints of the planned economy, the wire cutting machine tools produced not only have a high failure rate, but also have limited performance, but the liquidation of enterprises also means that the tax revenue of local governments in the future will be reduced. Anyway, this kind of wire cutting machine tool is a unique machine tool in China, although its accuracy is lower than that of foreign wire cutting machines, However, its manufacturing and use costs have absolute advantages, and it is very suitable for those developing countries, precisely because of the demand of this potential market

from the perspective of social environment, China has not implemented market economy for a long time. Some small wire cutting machine tool manufacturers are still in the stage of accumulation of original capital. These manufacturers often do not have the manufacturing capacity of the whole machine, and can only be assembled production. The quality control of the whole production process is far from enough, and R & D and innovation are even more impossible. There are many such manufacturers in eastern China, In addition, at present, China's laws matching the market economy are not mature, and local government protection driven by interests, so these enterprises with no production capacity will continue to survive. From the current situation, the state's attitude towards this is to eliminate naturally through market competition

artificial intelligence is no longer new, and the future is also an intelligent era. With the development of intelligence, the grass-roots operators of machine tools are facing a severe test. Machines replace people to do simple work. In some industrial production, there are specialized technical robots. Through the clever design of robots, they can make greater efficiency in the shortest time, and pay more attention to the maintenance and management of robots, Because whether in simple or complex applications, these are related to the comprehensive cost and availability of industrial robots. Only by minimizing the cost of robots can we highlight the maximum efficiency of robots

for WEDM machine tools, it is a greater challenge, especially for the medium wire cutting machine. The core of the development of the function compounding of WEDM machine tools is to complete various operating procedures such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming and reaming on one machine tool, so as to improve the efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool and improve the flexibility of production

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