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Focus on the intelligent lighting industry under the Internet

as a grand event dedicated to promoting cross regional and cross industry exchanges and interactions in the lighting industry, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Gile) officially kicked off on June 9. The Guangya Exhibition will be held from June 9 to 12. Today, plastic recycling is becoming a major ecological problem, attracting more than 2428 enterprises from 21 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition. The latest technologies and solutions from the lighting and led industries around the world are displayed in 17 pavilions. Next, please follow us to see what new intelligent lighting products and solutions Wang Gexia pointed out in this Guangya Exhibition

auches Shanghai: Hall 12.2 - F16

this exhibition, with the latest waterproof dimming power supply products and the masterpiece "EU bus" dimming system, as well as four classic dimming series, shows you the high compatibility and flicker free characteristics of auches products

Leite Technology: Hall 12.2 C18

Leite brought its star product LED controller to the exhibition. In addition, Leite series of fully digital intelligent LED dimming power supply Dali, thyristor, 0-10V, DMX four series products were unveiled

Delta: 6.1 hall B45

Delta has always focused on the field of intelligent buildings. At this Guangya Exhibition, Dali intelligent lighting series products and solutions developed in combination with the development trend of the industry were mainly displayed, so that users can feel its rich grouping control methods and flexible design characteristics at will from a close distance

delta Dali intelligent lighting series products and solutions Lai Zhiming control focuses on the production and development of IOT intelligent building equipment control systems and products. At this Guangya Exhibition, the intelligent office solution based on Dali + enocean, which realizes the intelligent lighting of the office to 2, highlights the dominant position of the industry in the leading industry of the park. In June 2017, it was humanized and reduced energy consumption

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