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Focus on the energy and power hotspots of the local two sessions

focus on the energy and power hotspots of the local two sessions

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on February 18, with the end of the "two sessions time" in Shandong, the national local "two sessions season" officially came to an end. There have been some new changes in the related topics in the field of energy and electricity this year, but they are still the focus of attention of delegates and members

electricity construction, clean energy substitution, air pollution prevention and control, poverty alleviation and other contents of the members of the "national leading group for the development of new materials industry" have been generally written into the government work report, and the outline of the development path of energy and electricity in various regions has initially appeared. Local governments have also put forward new requirements and made new arrangements for relevant work in the field of energy and power in 2019

speed up electricity 12. How to understand the safeguard measures proposed in the guide? Construction and development towards clean and low-carbon intelligence

from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development is a clear path choice for China's economy at present

how to continuously release the potential of domestic demand and achieve high-quality economic development? Many places have focused on building a modern industrial system, increasing effective investment in key areas, and accelerating the construction of major infrastructure. Accelerating the construction of power transmission channels is still the choice for common electronic universal experimental machines in some provinces

it is noted that most provinces in the western region have a strong will to speed up power construction and promote clean and low-carbon development

among them, Tibet will promote the electrification of clean energy, increase the transmission of electricity from Tibet, and start the construction of Ali and Tibet China electricity joint project. Xinjiang requires to continue to promote the construction of Zhundong new energy base, and complete and put into operation the Kashgar Shache and Shache Hotan 750 kV power transmission and transformation projects. Shaanxi will promote the construction of Northern Shaanxi Wuhan transmission channel and other projects, and expand the scale of power transmission. Sichuan plans to speed up the construction of the fourth UHV channel for hydropower transmission. Chongqing proposed to promote the introduction of northwest electric power, Three Gorges electric power and Sichuan Chongqing Electric Power Union. Qinghai requires to promote the UHV DC project of "Qingdian into Henan" and start the preliminary work of the UHV transmission channel from Qinghai to East China

looking at North China, the policy idea of a coal producing province is to seize the "bull nose" of transformation projects and fully promote the construction of transformation projects. Shanxi will strive to complete and put into operation the Mengxi Jinzhong UHV AC project, ensure the operation of the UHV supporting project of "one connection and one connection" in northern Shanxi, and start the construction of the supporting power supply project of the UHV Changzhi station in southern Shanxi and the 500 kV power transmission and transformation projects in Northern Taiyuan and Xinrong Datong

in the central region, Henan focuses on transformation and focuses on accelerating the construction of a series of low-carbon and efficient energy supports, which will promote the construction of Qingdian Henan project and improve the ability to absorb clean external electricity; Speed up the construction of 500 kV power transmission and transformation projects such as Zhumadian east to alleviate the weak power supply capacity in southern Henan

in the new deployment of various regions, the construction of power transmission channels and the development of energy and power industry have more intersection with digital economy and "interconnection +"

in Qinghai, it is put on the agenda to build a new energy big data innovation platform and promote the in-depth application of digital technology in infrastructure fields such as electricity. Ningxia is committed to promoting traditional industries such as coal and electricity to be high-end, intelligent and green. Inner Mongolia proposed to promote technological innovation and application of advanced energy storage, smart electricity, energy interconnection, and strive to solve the problems of power generation, wind and light abandonment

at the intersection of the new round of energy revolution and the digital revolution, opportunities and challenges coexist. It can be predicted that the energy and power industry in the future will collide with the digital economy to create new sparks and achieve integration and coordinated development

to win the battle against poverty, there is great potential for industrial poverty alleviation and electric power

the key to a well-off society depends on the villagers. This year is the key year to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Poverty eradication has become the focus of all local governments, and most provinces have written specific poverty eradication goals into government work reports

in the deep poverty-stricken areas represented by "three regions and three states", promoting the construction of infrastructure such as electricity is an important support for winning the battle against poverty

Among them, Tibet is determined to comprehensively implement the transformation and upgrading of agriculture in deep poverty-stricken areas and strive to fully complete the task of building well-off villages in border areas. Gansu decided to concentrate on overcoming the fortress of deep poverty and speed up the implementation of "two prefectures and one county" power construction in deep poverty-stricken areas. Xinjiang will basically complete the construction of water, electricity and other infrastructure in poor villages

as a major political task, China National Household Appliance Co., Ltd. will vigorously serve poverty alleviation, and will promote the power construction in the "three districts and two prefectures" in the business area and the poverty-stricken areas in the central and western regions, and strive to promote the rapid release of production capacity after the new nylon composite Changzhou plant is put into operation by the end of this year, so as to solve the problems of weak connection between power and owners and insufficient power supply capacity in the "three districts and two prefectures" and national poverty-stricken counties

help the poor in the long run and look at the industry in the long run. By developing industries to accurately eradicate poverty, we can realize the transformation from "blood transfusion" to "hematopoiesis", awaken the initiative of developing independent industries in various regions, and open up the imagination space of different regions. In this year's local two sessions, industrial poverty alleviation has become an important starting point for many places to win the battle against poverty

Liaoning, Tianjin, Fujian and other places will focus on deep poverty areas and special poverty groups, and will upgrade and strengthen industrial poverty alleviation. Hubei will promote agricultural and rural modernization and accelerate the revitalization of rural industries. Anhui demands to do a good job in industrial poverty alleviation projects. Gansu prioritizes and fully guarantees the land needed for industrial development in deep poverty-stricken areas, and the new poverty alleviation projects focus on deep poverty-stricken areas

for a long time, the company has focused on strengthening the village collective economy, cultivating green industries and making a big cake. Through a series of measures such as implementing the photovoltaic poverty alleviation project and innovating the operation and maintenance mechanism of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations, the company has cultivated stable industries and provided endogenous impetus for people to get rid of poverty and become rich


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