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Focus: the development trend of the domestic forklift industry in the second half of 2015

focus: the development trend of the domestic forklift industry in the second half of 2015

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trend forecast:

1. The electric forklift will resume growth in the next few months, and it is estimated that it can be flat throughout the year; Internal combustion vehicles are difficult to balance, and are expected to continue to decline. Affected by internal combustion vehicles, the total volume of the whole year will reach a double-digit negative growth

2. It is expected that the sales volume of domestic forklift trucks will still decline in 2013, which is the decline of irrational growth in previous years, and may return to rational growth from 2014. However, in the past two years, the internal combustion forklift will not increase significantly, and the electric forklift is expected to increase significantly, gradually becoming a new growth pole in the forklift industry

3. Market signs show that the golden decade of internal combustion forklift has ended, and the platinum era of electric forklift has arrived

we can clearly see the growth of electric forklifts between 2008 and 2012 from the data. In addition to the decline in 2009 during the economic crisis, electric forklifts grew almost at a high speed in 2010 and 2011, while diesel vehicles have shown a downward trend in 2011. Although affected by the European debt economic crisis and the decline of China's domestic economic operation in 2012, the decline of electric forklifts was relatively small. Let's look at the data of the same period in the following group of months: in the first half of 2011, the total sales volume was 161935 units, 152647 units in 2012, a decrease of 5.8%, 24745 electric storage vehicles in the first half of 2011, 25101 units in the first half of 2012, an increase of 1.4%, 14641 electric counterweight forklifts in the first half of 2011, 14316 units in the first half of 2012, a decrease of 2.3%, 122549 internal combustion vehicles in the first half of 2011, 113230 units in the first half of 2012, a decrease of 7.7%

it can be seen from the data that only electric storage vehicles maintained growth in the first half of the year. Although there was still a slight decline as of the third quarter, the sales volume remained close to that of the same period last year; Compared with the same period last year, the electric counterweight forklift fell slightly, but it has rebounded slightly in the third quarter, while the internal combustion vehicle is still falling, with a large decline. Moreover, as an indoor vehicle, the growth of small electric storage vehicles is greater than that of electric counterweights. In 10 At the just concluded Hannover exhibition in Shanghai, we found that electric forklifts have become the protagonists of the show. The number of electric forklift manufacturers participating in the exhibition is more than that of internal combustion forklift manufacturers. The audience flow and popularity of the electric forklift booth are also significantly more than that of internal combustion vehicles. Compared with the previous internal combustion forklifts, they have been slightly inferior. However, we also noticed that some diesel vehicle manufacturers also brought oneortwo trams to the exhibition

this exhibition also obviously released a signal: the Kingdom era of electric forklift has arrived. In the past decade, electric forklift has always existed as an accessory of forklift. Due to the immaturity of the market, small demand and high price, it can only be left behind; In the next ten years, the electric forklift will gradually move towards the front desk as a protagonist, showing its edge. We count the development process of forklifts after entering the 21st century. The demand for forklifts in the whole country has increased from 20000 to 30000 units in 2000 to more than 200000 units now, which is an explosive data growth. However, the number of practitioners gradually increased, resulting in overcapacity and intensified homogeneous competition, resulting in the decline of the diesel forklift market this year. Although the domestic forklift truck market still maintains a huge capacity, the manufacturers' manufacturing costs continue to rise and the price competition continues to deteriorate, resulting in a decline in profits. Most internal combustion vehicle manufacturing enterprises have been in a situation of weak competition, declining sales and loss of profits. Internal combustion vehicle manufacturers have been completely in a self mutilation situation. The fundamental reasons for the difficulties of enterprises are blind demand for quantity, excessive expansion of production capacity, lack of attention to market research and technology research and development. There is always a time when the market will return to rationality, and there is always a time when the market will be saturated with certain needs. If new needs cannot be created, stimulated and guided, there will be a survival crisis. Just think: without the support of profits, what will enterprises do for scientific and technological research and innovation, and what will they do to support the sustainable development of enterprises

when most 2 Metallocene polyethylene: when manufacturers who rely on existing or newly-built devices to develop more than 10000 ton/year metallocene polyethylene production lines understand this problem, the sound of both sides of the Strait cannot be stopped, and forklifts have reached a mountain. The competition pattern of internal combustion forklifts has been formed. In 2011, the sales volume of Heli Hangcha has reached 70000 units, which is nearly four times higher than that of the third place, which is more than 10000 units. From the perspective of market law 2. Making electronic and electrical parts, if the sales volume of the first and second places in the industry reaches times that of the third place, it indicates that the market competition pattern has been formed, and it is generally difficult to change. In terms of brand influence, Hangcha Heli has also occupied the top two minds of its customer base. Just like Linde Toyota's ranking in the minds of high-end customer groups, the brand pattern has also been formed

then, where is the way out? Everyone turns their attention to the field of electric forklift, which is an emerging field and a direction of future development. Some domestic pioneers have begun the R & D and manufacturing of electric forklifts as early as a few years ago. With their professional manufacturing level and advanced technology research and development, they have surpassed domestic diesel vehicle manufacturers in the field of electric forklift manufacturing. With their original channel advantages, diesel vehicle manufacturers are accelerating research and development, or entering the sales market of electric forklifts in the form of OEM, or mergers and acquisitions, and some types of cork lignin can also remain stable in the molten state. With the deterioration of the European debt crisis, we expect the forklift market to decline next year, and then the phenomenon of industry shuffling or mergers and acquisitions will occur frequently. And some new entrants of professional electric forklifts are still pouring in

we can predict that according to the style of Chinese entrepreneurs, the phenomenon of following the trend of electric forklift practitioners will spread rapidly. Like the rush of diesel vehicles in the previous decade, a large number of manufacturers of electric forklifts will emerge in the coming years. As far as I know, in 2012 alone, threeorfour domestic manufacturers with cross industry development have entered the electric forklift, and they will continue to appear in the future. The emergence of a large number of electric forklift manufacturers can have the following effects: 1. Accelerate the rapid maturity of the electric forklift market and stimulate customers' demand for electric forklifts. 2. The situation of disorderly competition and competition for hegemony has reappeared. 3. Homogenization and low price competition will disrupt the market again and destroy the competitive ecological environment. 4. The phenomenon of profit to loss and reshuffle from the coexistence of manufacturers will happen again

however, who is the king and who is the Kou in this upcoming war? I think in the next ten years, everything will be decided by the market. In ancient times, Zhang Yi broke the union of Su and Qin with a straight line, which made Qin unify the six countries and win the world; During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhugeliang divided the world into three parts before leaving the thatched cottage. Later, he fought with the Confucianism in Jiangdong and united with the sun and Wu in Jiangdong to jointly fight against Cao, creating the confrontation of the Three Kingdoms; In the early days of the Three Kingdoms, the clouds were indifferent, the thunder was loud, and the rain was coming. Cao Cao and Liu Bei put green plum on a plate, and a bottle of boiled wine. Cao Cao pointed to Liu Bei and then pointed to himself, saying loudly, "the heroes in the world are only for the emperor and Cao's ears!" Prepared to be shocked, the key sheath he held fell to the ground unconsciously, but calmly replied, "the power of a shock, and even here." Later, Liu Bei became king independently, and Cao Cao failed to conquer him when he was alive. It can be seen that through the ages, anyone who has achieved great things must have strategy and courage. I have always believed that Cao is a hero, not a villain, not a hero. Liu is a hero, not a hero. As an important component of emerging industries, the new material industry will also be included in the "1035" national strategic emerging industry development plan. Most heroes are brave but foolhardy, and they just lose their lives; Most of Xiaoxiong are strategic and flexible. Therefore, if a hero wins, he will be the king, and if he loses, he will be the bandit; A mindless hero will die more and live less forever

the electric forklift market will also be surging. Success or failure will not depend on temporary gains and losses. The competition in the market is also positioning first and strategy is king. Mao Zedong has a famous saying: "one kind of possession is called failure, and one kind of retreat is called victory." Strategically speaking, sometimes a strategic retreat is a strategic attack. However, if the mass fighting of internal combustion vehicles appears in the market, the self mutilation of internal combustion vehicles will also end. What will win the market in the future? Like today's Heli Hangcha and Linde Toyota, they only have the customer's mind, that is, the brand, not the price

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