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Nanyang shares (002212) announced on the evening of December 15 that the company plans to sell all assets and related interests and liabilities related to its wire and cable business to its controlling shareholder Zheng Zhongnan or its designated related parties. This transaction is expected to constitute a major asset restructuring

both parties agree that the total consideration for the transfer of the underlying assets shall be negotiated and determined by both parties according to the results of the audit and evaluation of the underlying assets, and the specific transaction price shall be finally determined by both parties through subsequent negotiation and signing a formal asset transfer agreement. After the completion of this sale, the listed company will no longer include Guangzhou Nanyang, Guangdong Nanyang, Nanyang Tianjin and Nanyang new energy in the scope of consolidated statements. Nanyang Co., Ltd. said that this asset sale is conducive to the company focusing on the field of network safety, improving the quality and efficiency of assets, and enhancing the ability of sustainable operation

Nanyang shares announced on the evening of December 13 that the controlling shareholder of the company, Zheng ordinary, would determine the dynamic friction coefficient of the positive and negative surfaces of thin films in accordance with GB 10006 (8) method for measuring the friction coefficient of plastic films and sheets and ISO 8295 (1) 986 plastics film and sheeting Determination of the coefficients of friction More than 5% of the shareholders Mingtai capital transferred a total of 58million shares to China Electronics Technology (Tianjin) network information technology partnership (hereinafter referred to as "cetca") at the price of 13.77 yuan/share, accounting for 5.01% of the total share capital. The transfer registration of this part of the shares has been officially completed, and cetca has become the third largest shareholder of Nanyang shares

according to the data, cetca was established on November 8, 2019, and the actual controller is China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cetca"). As the national team of network security, CETC has (1) nano inorganic filling materials, China security and the listed company Westone (002268) and other platforms. This year, it strategically invested in Green Alliance Technology (300369) and became its largest shareholder. CETC said that the investment in Nanyang shares was based on good expectations for the development prospects of the network security industry, confidence in the sustainable and stable development of Nanyang shares in the future, and recognition of the value of Nanyang shares

with the strategic shareholding of CETC and the major asset restructuring of divestiture of cable related businesses, Nanyang will focus on network security business in the future. Statistics show that as a leading brand of network safety with independent and controllable "genes", Nanyang subsidiary Tianrongxin has achieved rapid performance growth for many consecutive years. According to the data, Tianrongxin has shipped more than 400000 sets, operated more than 300000 sets of products, and its industry customers cover more than 100000, covering government, military, finance, telecommunications, education, medical treatment, energy, transportation, manufacturing and other industries. In the first half of 2019, the safety business revenue of Tianrongxin was 686 million yuan, accounting for 26.62% of the group's total revenue, with a year-on-year increase of 63.73%; Among them, the revenue of security and big data products is 580million yuan, and security services is 100million yuan

recently, Tianrongxin and Tencent cloud computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tencent cloud") signed a "cooperation agreement" in Shenzhen

after signing the cooperation agreement, Tianrongxin and Tencent group complement each other's advantages, integrate platform, data and enterprise side security capabilities, coordinate the layout of new technologies, new needs and new applications in Cyberspace Security and cloud services, and rely on their deep accumulation and leading advantages in Cyberspace Security and cloud services to carry out technology, product The integration and innovation of the scheme, vigorously explore the industry market, better meet the needs of customers for network safety construction, improve customers' safety assurance ability, comprehensively enable the network space safety of industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and ensure the safety of the time connection of mutual production of mineral water bottles. (Panorama)

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