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Focus on the global strategy behind the landing of Zoomlion financial sector

focus on the global strategy behind the landing of Zoomlion financial sector

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on the road of China's economic structure transformation and upgrading, how to make financial living water better water the tree of the real economy has always been a topic of concern to all sectors of society. As an important part of the real economy, relevant enterprises in China's equipment manufacturing industry have actively explored this one after another. Among them, the establishment of Zoomlion Finance Company is a typical representative

in 2014, Zoomlion announced to invest 1.5 billion yuan to establish a finance company to improve the company's global resource allocation ability and boost the overall strategic development. This marks the official landing of the company's financial sector strategy

help the overall strategy

compared with Zoomlion and Hony capital's merger and acquisition of Chery heavy industry in August, the appearance of the financial company seems to be much lower key. On September 12, the board of directors of Zoomlion announced that it planned to jointly invest 1.5 billion yuan with Zoomlion CIFA (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, to establish a Sino foreign joint venture Zoomlion Group Finance Co., Ltd

the announcement said that Zoomlion and Zoomlion CIFA will invest 1.125 billion yuan and 375 million yuan respectively in the finance company, accounting for 75% and 25% of the total registered capital of the finance company respectively

"reduce the company's capital cost, improve the efficiency and efficiency of capital use, so as to improve the ability of resource allocation and boost the overall strategic development. At the same time, the finance company will also provide diversified financial intermediary services to meet the diversified financial needs of the group." From the announcement, Zoomlion has a clear goal of establishing a finance company as an advanced open platform for end customers

Zoomlion said that the establishment of a finance company can reduce the company's capital cost, improve the efficiency and efficiency of capital use, and also give full play to its internal settlement function to internalize the transaction settlement between group member units

compared with the settlement system of commercial banks, after the establishment of a financial company, Zoomlion can not only shorten the time of funds in transit, speed up the speed of capital turnover, but also effectively reduce the cost of funds and improve the efficiency and efficiency of capital use

at the same time, the establishment of a financial company can make comprehensive use of relevant financial means, strengthen the centralized management of the group's funds, adjust the capital gains and losses between the group's member units, legally and effectively optimize the allocation of resources, maximize the group's value, and serve the group's strategic development

in addition, Zoomlion said that the establishment of a finance company can also improve the level of financial control, reduce the group's operational risks, effectively control the cash flow and many links within the group, establish a highly intensive fund management system of "unified revenue and expenditure" and "two lines of revenue and expenditure", realize the unified allocation of funds, flexible financing, and effectively reduce and avoid operational risks

to achieve global development

the overseas expansion of equipment manufacturing industry needs financial services as support. Throughout the rise of manufacturing powers such as the United States and Japan, it is a path from home to abroad. In this process, financial services have a great role in promoting the internationalization of manufacturing

at present, the development of China's equipment manufacturing is in the stage of overseas expansion. In this stage, if we refer to the development trends of Japan and the United States, the matching financial services will gradually show their importance. With the internationalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the importance of financial services will gradually become prominent

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, has said publicly for many times that Chinese enterprises should take a new path of internationalization. This new path of internationalization should not only wait for natural growth and evolution step by step, but also achieve "leapfrog" development through leveraging. This "force expands to almost all industries with composite structures", that is, the international capital market

this is the case. Zoomlion, known as the "master of mergers and acquisitions", has played an important role in the promotion of Finance in the past mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad. Expanding and strengthening the financial sector is also an important part of Zoomlion's strategic layout in recent years

"the internationalization of financial leasing and financial services in China is still in its infancy. The internationalization of equipment manufacturing industry cannot be separated from the internationalization of finance. In the next 5 to 10 years, China will usher in the tide of internationalization of financial leasing." Zhang Lei, deputy general manager of Zoomlion financial leasing company, also said that the internationalization of financial services and overseas development complement each other. The manufacturing industry drives financial services to go global, and financial services promote the internationalization of the manufacturing industry

aiming at world-class enterprises

based on past successful experience and a deep understanding of future development, the financial sector has always played an important role in the strategic layout of Zoomlion. As early as 2008, Zoomlion began to think about the layout, successively established financial leasing companies, and gradually formed a value chain that connects the equipment manufacturing industry with financial services. After years of building, Zoomlion's financial leasing business has been very mature. In 2013, Zoomlion further proposed to form a strategic layout in which the five sectors of construction machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery, heavy trucks and financial services go hand in hand

in Zhan Chunxin's view, the development strategy of the five sectors is not only the inevitable choice for Zoomlion to deal with the "post growth" era of construction machinery, but also will provide a continuous source of development power for Zoomlion to achieve transformation and upgrading and become a world-class enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry

"if we do well in the five sectors, we can rebuild two, three or even five Zoomlion in the future." Zhan Chunxin said

Deng Xiaoping once said that "finance is the core of modern economy". Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has achieved rapid development. It can be said that an important reason for China's economic success is to break the previous financial repression; To a large extent, China's current economic defects also lie in the fact that financial development is still far behind the real economy. This is also the reason why the new government has constantly emphasized "making finance a living water" since it came into power. The practical action of Zoomlion to establish a financial company and build a financial sector also shows us the value of an excellent enterprise. What is the problem of sample clamping slip of tensile testing machine? The equipment causes the tensile testing machine to slip. The main reasons for the equipment are that when the tensile machine pulls the sample, the iron oxide scale falls into the inclined plane of the wedge block and causes slipping

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