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"Focus on the future" -- Rittal innovation show Asia International Factory Automation Exhibition editor's note: China International Industrial Expo (CIIF) and Asia international factory automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (FAA) have always been important exchange activities in the manufacturing industry. In 2006, these two authoritative exhibitions were jointly held with integrated advantages, becoming a major event in the industry. This year, the exhibition area has expanded to nearly 100000 square meters, with more than 5000 exhibitors. It is expected that the number of visitors will exceed 100000, and the scale is the largest in the past years. The 126 square meter booth with the theme of "focus on the future" of Rittal will interpret the innovative topics fascinating...

on November 1, 2006, Asia international factory automation technology and equipment exhibition and China International Industry Expo kicked off in Shanghai International Expo Center. This is a prosperous time for the manufacturing industry. Vito took part in the conference with many new products and technologies, and held a grand press conference. Many media in the industry such as Zhonghua Industrial Control Co., Ltd. participated in the conference. Vito's thematic display and press conference became a highlight of the exhibition

factoryautomationasia originated from the "factory automation exhibition" of Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany. It is an international event on factory automation solutions, electrical engineering and control, mechanical engineering, robotics and assembly line technology, industrial it and manufacturing informatization, and micro system technology. Every year, it attracts many manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region. This year, FAA and China Industrial Expo are held at the same time, which is unprecedented. Based on the exhibition direction of "internationalization, specialization and marketization", the ICIF has become the most influential international brand exhibition of China's equipment manufacturing industry, with extensive international influence and good international reputation. Therefore, it has won more attention for this joint exhibition

with the theme of "scientific and technological innovation and equipment manufacturing industry", this Industrial Expo focuses on innovative technology, showing four major characteristics, including "expansion of scale", "increase in highlights", "national participation" and "international cooperation". Rittal is exactly in line with the theme of the exhibition, offering the audience a feast of "innovative" technology. Its platform is an innovative journey, leading visitors from all walks of life to experience the journey of innovation

on the 126 square meter booth of Rittal, the seven theme exhibition areas show the innovation and application incisively and vividly. There is an industry and application exhibition area where Rittal products are widely used. The application of e-table software can make the audience realize that the design of cabinets is so simple in practical operation. Rittal and baccalais programmer PAC jointly demonstrated the new concept of industrial design. The information technology exhibition area represented by rimatrix5 overall computer room solution shows the development direction of modern computer room; The telecom platform exhibition area based on ATCA system represents the new trend of telecom development; What attracts most attention is the innovation world exhibition area. Rittal's rich future technologies, such as riline60 bus system, rinano nano cabinet air conditioning, cstopec outdoor box technology, are cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the industrial field; At the exhibition area focusing on future technology, such as nano coating technology, fuel cells, etc., these are cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the industrial field; The application of advanced electrical design software is displayed on the EPLAN electrical design software exhibition area

Rittal's 7 seat cushions, seat backs and headrests are the most used parts of polyurethane foam in cars. The large exhibition area has a clear theme and distinctive characteristics, attracting many professional visitors and becoming the focus of the exhibition. At the same time, the rich and colorful customer interaction activities make the Rittal booth more eye-catching. Rittal not only prepared laser dance with a sense of future technology for customers at the exhibition site, but also had senior product experts speak to the audience about the characteristics of innovative products at the scene, during which there was a question and answer session, so that the audience could have a more direct and clear understanding of Rittal's innovative products and technologies

on November 2, Rittal held a "focus on the future - innovative products and Technology Conference", and the media participated in the in-depth understanding and detailed coverage of Rittal, an innovation leader in the industrial field

innovative products displayed by Rittal on FAA:

▲ riline60 is a Rittal distribution component system, which is mainly used in the power industry. It has the characteristics of saving time, personalization and modularization. Riline60 is the perfect embodiment of modern design. At the same time, it also has strong security, which is another interpretation of Rittal's successful scheme. Riline60 adopts a new three-phase bus support and protective cover system; The new bus adapter enhances the connection function of round wire and flat bus, which can reach 1600A at most; New features: the latest component adapter, suitable for motor starting switch, up to 65A; The latest component adapter is specially designed for air circuit breaker, with a maximum of 630A

▲ rinano nano air conditioner: Rittal uses nano coating in toptherm air conditioner: a very thin coating - nano coating, which saves time and cost for customers. Especially in extreme environments, this advantage is more obvious. The new nanotechnology means to reduce the possibility of dust contamination on the heat exchanger pages, make them easier to clean, extend the service and maintenance interval if it is assumed that the future paper demand is still robust, and extend the service life, thus greatly reducing the cost. In the case of heat exchange in the heat exchanger, the functional efficiency of the cooling output may be reduced by 30% to 50% due to dust accumulation. The nano coating has the characteristics of waterproof, ash proof and oil proof, which keeps the cooling output of the air conditioner at the same level for a long time

▲ as a high-performance computing platform for the new generation of telecommunications networks, ATCA integrates many international advanced technologies, and has obvious advantages over the original computing architecture in terms of computing performance, network transmission capacity, management performance, etc. Follow the mature iec60297 standard in structure; It adopts advanced point-to-point switching structure and supports a variety of high-speed serial communication technologies; Its board area is about 2.5 times that of CPCI board, and the board width is also wider than CPCI, which makes it possible for a single board to accommodate multiple CPUs; At the same time, it allows the power consumption of each board to be as high as 200W, and can effectively heat it; Even ATCA has a perfect system management function if the indoor humidity is too high. Development engineers can easily monitor each board and the internal environment of shell. It can support multiple system controllers to work in a redundant manner, which greatly ensures the safety and reliability of system management

▲ innovative industrial box:

junction box IP65, with two RJ45 jacks on the side (right side), protection grade 5, in line with iso/iec11801:2002 and en; Wiring on the printed circuit board through LSA wiring system; Lead in through two M20 cable sealing Golans

junction box IP67, two RJ45 jacks for cable AWG, iso/iec11801:2002 and en50173-1; Integrated cable management for safe wiring; Cable insulation protection device; The protective cover always closes automatically

stainless steel box, and the arbitrarily positioned cover makes your wiring handle easily; Multiple accessory options, fast internal or external installation; It is simple and easy to quickly install the hinge

tight fitting control box AE, which realizes perfect protection in harsh environments. The protection grade is ip69, which has high-pressure cleaning resistance, and is especially suitable for shockproof use on vehicles; The conforming coating of aluminum and zinc forms a high corrosion resistance; Resistant to high temperature and chemicals, watertight seal


rittalgmbh from hessenherborn, Germany has developed into an international company since its establishment in 1961. Today, Rittal has more than 10.000 standard products that can be supplied immediately. It has become the world's leading system supplier of box technology and control cabinet technology. It is also a popular partner in the field of industrial and mechanical equipment manufacturing, as well as an innovator in market fields such as it and telecommunications. Rittal insists on facing the future and provides a wide range of solutions, after-sales service and consulting services

rittal's product systems include control cabinet systems, electronic component installation boxes, cabinet air-conditioning series, power distribution components, it solutions and communication systems, which require investment of millions of yuan at every turn

rittal supplies worldwide through its 19 high-tech production plants, 60 subsidiaries, 150 sales and logistics centers and 70 agencies. In Rittal, Germany, there are 22 sales and service centers to provide comprehensive services to customers. Rittal has 8900 employees worldwide and is the largest company in the friedhelmlohgroup group. LOH group has more than 10.600 employees worldwide

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