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Focus: imported heavy trucks sell well, Chinese special purpose vehicles drive overall sales

focus: imported heavy trucks sell well, Chinese special purpose vehicles drive overall sales

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Guide: the data of the information conference of the China Association of automobile manufacturers shows that in 2012, China imported 51400 commercial vehicles, with a year-on-year cumulative increase of 74.3%. In the case of the domestic heavy truck market downturn and continued to hover at a low level, imported heavy trucks have maintained a growth momentum, which makes people wonder that domestic freight

according to the data of the information conference of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, China imported 51400 commercial vehicles in 2012, with a year-on-year increase of 74.3%. Under the condition that the domestic heavy truck market is depressed and continues to hover at a low level, imported heavy trucks maintain a growth momentum, which makes people wonder whether the domestic freight market is good or not? If so, why do many heavy truck users complain that they don't work? If it's not good, how can the transportation enterprises that buy European and American heavy trucks at a price twice as high as that of domestic medium and high-end heavy trucks ensure to make money and at least recover the cost of buying cars

special vehicle hardware needs to drive overall sales

industry insider Yang zaishun believes that in recent years, the number of imported heavy trucks has increased year by year. However, this data should be treated calmly. After all, the base is relatively small. Carefully analyze the imported sub models. There are many imported Japanese trucks, but most of them are light trucks. Most imported heavy trucks are still concentrated in European brands, of which Mercedes Benz maintains its traditional advantages, accounting for 60% of the market share of other parts of imported heavy trucks and optimized bicycles

at the same time, Volvo, Scania, Mann, Hino, etc. are also gradually recognized and accepted by Chinese users. Man and walwaldo are used for highway logistics, and a large part of Mercedes Benz and Scania are used for special vehicles, mainly fire trucks, aerial work vehicles, cement pump trucks and military vehicles. In 2012, domestic and foreign demand was not as strong as before, and the freight market was deserted. Volvo, Mann and other vehicles for road logistics users were also affected. On the contrary, the sales volume of Mercedes Benz and Scania increased, thanks to the growth in the demand for special vehicles

it is understood that Mercedes Benz has led the market segment of imported heavy trucks in China, Europe and the United States for six consecutive years, and has always occupied more than half of the market share. At present, China has become the third largest import market of Mercedes Benz trucks in the world. In 2012, Massey further proposed an improvement plan. The delivery volume of Des Benz trucks in Chinese Mainland exceeded 6000, and there were more than 40 authorized dealers and service stations

although the annual statistics have not been released, it was learned from an earlier interview with Lu Peng, truck sales director of Scania sales (China) Co., Ltd. that the sales volume of Scania in cement mixing pump trucks in 2012 will be three times that in 2011. Analyzing the reasons for the growth, Lu Peng believes that Scania's solutions and products for users can achieve overall efficiency. This is precisely when the freight market is bad, and transportation companies and fleets are most concerned about it

tanxiuqing, an expert of the expert committee of China Automobile Industry Association and vice president of Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., believes that the main reason for the sharp increase in sales of European brand heavy trucks in China in 2012 is the increasing demand for imported truck chassis by refitting enterprises, which has little to do with the increase in road freight volume or the increase in vehicle procurement by road logistics companies

"Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, Valin Xingma and other enterprises have always used imported truck chassis to manufacture some high-end special vehicles such as cement pump trucks. Generally speaking, these enterprises used to use Mercedes Benz chassis in the past, followed by Scania. It is predicted that large-scale construction and investment will start in the second half of 2012, and the demand for cement pump trucks, aerial work vehicles and other models will inevitably increase, so many enterprises have raised the price of such special vehicles The output has been increased and the inventory has been increased, so the demand for imported truck chassis has increased. " Tanxiuqing believes

the concept of domestic users is changing

"Carefully observe the sales strategies of European and American heavy truck enterprises in China. Although the ideas and concepts put forward by each company are different, the core idea of efficiency has been mentioned by almost all enterprises, especially in recent years. The reason is that China has constantly strengthened road safety transportation management. When it is impossible or difficult to overload transportation, the advantages of foreign heavy trucks are gradually revealed. At the same time, China's automobile industry and national economy Through structural transformation and upgrading together, energy conservation and environmental protection are no longer propaganda, but practical needs of users. " Analysis of insiders

in the interview, it was found that the concept of some logistics enterprises with a certain scale was changing. "Although the purchase cost is one of the considerations when enterprises buy cars, the final decision whether to buy a truck depends on the return on assets and the best profit point. Although the price of imported heavy trucks is very high, their work efficiency is far higher than that of domestic cars. Generally, domestic heavy trucks cannot run every day, and it is good to be on duty for 20 days a month, while imported heavy trucks can be on duty almost every day.

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