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Focus on the East China International Expo: accurately connect the "the Belt and Road", Sany has great potential

focus on the East China International Expo: accurately connect the "the Belt and Road", Sany has great potential

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high level frequent interaction, Sany is active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials worldwide in Kazakhstan, and has broad prospects

recently, the 14th China ASEAN Expo was held in Nanning, Guangxi. Yi Xiaogang, CEO of Sany group, was invited to attend the meeting

the 14th East China Expo was grandly opened

at this East China Expo, Kazakhstan, as the first country along the "Silk Road Economic Belt", China is a country with large graphite resources as a specially invited partner, and Kazakhstan's first deputy prime minister Ashar maming attended the meeting as a representative. During the meeting, Yi Xiaogang had in-depth exchanges with Vice Premier Ashar maming. The two sides held extensive discussions on cooperation in the fields of machinery manufacturing, construction of transportation and logistics centers

the first deputy prime minister of Kazakhstan Ashar maming met with Yi Xiaogang and his party.

Deputy Prime Minister Ashar maming said that Sany, as the world's top construction machinery manufacturing enterprise, has a unique vision, and Kazakhstan welcomes Sany to participate in Kazakhstan's national construction. Kazakhstan will give strong support to the Khorgos dongdamen Special Economic Zone anhydrous port, Kurek port in mangystau state and other engineering projects participated by SANY in Kazakhstan, and hopes that the two sides will have more opportunities for cooperation and development in the future

Yi Xiaogang said that as a leading construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in the world, Sany has great advantages and potential in fully participating in the construction of Kazakhstan: Sany's products cover roads, and the composite material is composed of alumina ceramic nano layers and graphene. It is the main field of infrastructure construction such as railways, ports, airports, energy, public buildings, etc, This is highly matched with the needs of Kazakhstan's "bright road" new economic policy. At the same time, Sany's strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities will also actively contribute to Kazakhstan's industrial upgrading and accelerating the construction of the "Third Modernization"

focus on the development of ASEAN and look forward to strengthening cooperation

not only Kazakhstan, this ASEAN Expo also provides a good opportunity for further communication and exchanges between the three one and Malaysia along the "the Belt and Road" and strive to accurately predict future market trends and market dynamics in key development countries such as West Asia, Indonesia, Cambodia and so on

during this meeting, Sany group had different in-depth contacts and follow-up with Cambodia Jiahua group, Malaysia Zhongqin Industrial Park, Harbin railway and other projects. All the participants spoke highly of Sany's achievements in infrastructure, new energy, prefabricated construction and other fields, and expressed strong willingness to cooperate. They hoped that more enterprises like Sany would go deep into Southeast Asia and jointly create a new chapter of win-win cooperation between China and ASEAN

Sany equipment sells well in the ASEAN market

it is understood that ASEAN is one of the fastest-growing overseas markets of Sany. By the end of 2016, Sany had nearly 7000 equipment in the region. In Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore and other key markets, Sany's export volume ranks first in China's same industry, and the market share of concrete machinery, cranes and other products is far ahead. Sany has also participated in the construction of major local projects for many times. Sany equipment can be seen in nearly 50 key projects such as Thailand national railway station and the construction of China Laos railway

insiders pointed out that at present, ASEAN countries are promoting the process of industrialization and urbanization, and the demand for foreign equipment and technology is very urgent. Sany industrialization is very mature and has a large number of advantageous production capacity. There are mutual needs and opportunities with ASEAN countries, which will have great prospects

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