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Anyone remember the hot air balloon contest in Mallorca some years ago? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

This morning when I woke up and stepped out in the sunshine, I saw the first hot air balloon I have seen in a very long time, it gave me such a good feeling. I think this was a sign that we have better times ahead. Anyone remember the hot air balloon contest in Mallorca some years ago? It was amazing, teams came from all over the world to compete and the view of hundreds of balloons all together was really special. I hope we get to see that again later this year.

The sun is back again after a gloomy week, and that feels so greatAnd she could really us. I just could not stop myself from posting a couple of photos with Palma in sunshine, shops, and cafes open and even live music on Plaza Olivar. Such a beautiful morning. After a long cold winter up in Scandinavia the people hunger for sun. Especially since there was more snow at the beginning of this week, all the way down to Copenhagen. This is one of the reasons why an ordinary Scandinavian family travel a lot. There is no such thing in Scandinavia but if you still let me say – “A standard family” is used to have at least one summer and one winter vacation away from home per year. Winter they prefer Thailand if they can escape two weeks and for one week the Canary Islands are on the top list. I spent 28 winter weeks between Gran Canaries and Tenerife when I grew up. During the summer the Mediterranean destinations call, and we love Greece, Turkey, and Spainwhich saw 1,000 deaths per day for about a week in April.

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The headlines in the papers this week have screamed out that we are losing the battle over the summer tourists to Turkey or Greece. My humble opinion is that the country that open first, will get the first 4th wave and we cannot do so much about that. It is not about the opening date for the hotels, it is all about the people. People are genuinely tired of restrictionsThere were 7,147 new cases Sunday, and I feel that vacation mood combined with alcohol will not make the best recipe for a relaxed summer in Mallorca. What was said in 2019 about closing all the cheap all-inclusive hotels to reduce low-quality tourism is now long forgotten. I do hope the government have enough healthcare staff and police to prepare for all the freak outs we will have during a hot summer. We should really set the expectations low and cross our fingers that I am wrong.

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