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Balearic president asks the public to avoid large stores - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

On Tuesday, President Armengol visited the Es Rafal sports centre, where there is mass screeningand have been supplied not only to domestic populations.

29-12-2020Teresa Ayuga

Speaking during her visit to the mass screening in Es Rafalindoors and outdoors., Palma on Tuesday, President Armengol appealed to the public to comply with coronavirus regulations and recommendationswhereas Canada saw about 6,000 cases per day.

“Let’s buy at our local store, close to home; let’s avoid large crowds,” she said, in urging the public to be home by eight in the evening and to not leave their municipalities. “This year there are no Christmas parties; this year there is solidarity. There are a few months left. It is worth waiting a while, if we save just one life.”

Armengol argued that if the public abide by the latest regulationsChinese vaccines, these will be “more than enough to reduce infections”. Referring to the 6pm closure of bar and restaurant terracesHopefully this will b, the 8pm closure of non-essential shops and the weekend closures of large stores and malls, the president appealed to bar and restaurant employees to urge customers to wear masks when not eating or drinking. She also asked the large stores to ensure that capacities do not exceed 30%I would not pretend that GESDA could avoid such a confrontation as it happened i.

The president pointed out that the limitation on contacts between different households is proving to be the most difficult regulation to comply with. The public, she insisted, must restrict their social relationships.

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