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The trouble of decoration does not lie in the busy and tired decoration. I think it is more about the contradictions and disputes with decoration companies and construction workers in the decoration. After all, the last thing to look at in decoration is quality. Saving money is also on the basis of ensuring quality as much as possible. Therefore, for the owners, it is more happy to install a high-quality home smoothly than to save thousands of children. Therefore, it becomes very important to find a satisfactory decoration company. What kind of experience is it to encounter a disturbing decoration company? You will know it after reading the diary of Nemo, a netizen

house information: 58 ㎡

decoration style: simple American style

decoration method: half package

community: Shanghai XXXs

decoration progress: Hydropower transformation

decoration duration: 9 days

March 31, 2015

I went to the property to settle the property fee today, mainly for fear of making the property difficult. Today, water and electricity has finally been transformed. The electrician is a young man, and his action is very agile

the house was originally a 25A circuit breaker, which was too small and needed to be replaced with a larger one. I also need to change the weak current box. I said it would be needed tomorrow. Fortunately, I ordered it the day before yesterday and delivered it today. But there was no circuit breaker, so I had to go and buy Siemens 63A circuit breaker

when I returned to the construction site, I was very busy. It was said that it would take a week to finish the drilling operation

March 31, 2015

the weather in Shanghai is getting more and more strange. There is no spring and summer directly. It seems that the global climate is more and more like the equator, only the dry season and rainy season. I took a day off today, not for decoration, because I'm going to Suzhou to visit the tomb today, and I go there every year. On the way to Suzhou, I contacted the designer of the cabinet and hoped to add a location for the oven. After the discussion, I said that I had to remove a basket to put it. I was very tangled. Because the storage space is limited, and the size of the oven must be determined before the design

I got home in the afternoon and went to the construction site at the first time. Today, water and electricity did not continue. I saw an uncle building a wall and a woman. It is estimated that she is a husband and wife. I looked at the slotting, and I didn't know whether it would be done later or not. That is, the original lines were not slotted. Does the original pipe continue to be used? Of course, this is my assumption

April 1st, 2015

I just came back from the construction site and felt very unhappy. Reason:

1. I was not informed of the mobilization of wires. When I arrived, the wires were almost worn. There are three rolls of nameless wires scattered on the ground. Only in the corner of the balcony can I see a roll of panda's trademark. Where is the signature of the agreed material entering the site

2. The air conditioner socket in the bedroom is actually opened on the wall near the window, which means that the air conditioner must be installed close to the wall, and there will be no space for the floating window cabinet in the future. Why not follow the drawings

3. The water and electricity worker said he would go home the day after tomorrow, so he should finish it today and tomorrow! I think there is no problem in catching up with the work. The process should be done well! Especially concealed works. I'm not worried about the fake things, but I didn't see the original wires or anti-counterfeiting trademarks. It's like eating expired food. You may not have diarrhea, but you must be uncomfortable

the project manager has a good attitude and admits that he has not done a good job, which can be rectified immediately. In fact, there are not many materials that need to be checked and accepted, that is, wires, pipes, and some concealed works. I hope this unhappy thing will not happen again in the future





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