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After the introduction of system doors and windows, this kind of doors and windows with multi-function and high requirements are more likely to be favored by consumers than other categories of doors and windows. What are the advantages of system doors and windows

there are many carefully designed doors and windows in the market. With the development of the times, system doors and windows have appeared, and people prefer this kind of doors and windows with multi-function and high requirements. However, what are the advantages of system doors and windows that attract us? Let's have a look

thermal insulation

because the doors and windows of the system are combined with the flexible inner and outer frames of thermal insulation profiles, multiple sealing forms are adopted, and there is no gap when closed; Coupled with the hollow glass structure, it effectively reduces the heat transmitted through the doors and windows, with remarkable thermal insulation performance, and its thermal conductivity is far lower than that of ordinary aluminum alloy profiles

noise barrier

through the well-designed heat insulation bridge broken aluminum profile cavity structure and hollow glass structure, the joint process is tight, which can weaken the resonance effect of low-noise waves, block the transmission of sound, and reduce the noise by more than 30 dB

high strength, wind pressure resistance

system doors and windows have high tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation. The strong and durable aluminum alloy profile is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali substances and is not easy to yellowing and fade. And because the inner frame straight material adopts hollow design, it has strong wind pressure deformation resistance and good anti vibration effect

adjust the room temperature

the doors and windows of the system can reduce the loss of energy through the role of advanced heat insulation system, and can reduce the environmental radiation caused by air conditioning and heating. The indoor temperature is adjusted through the system doors and windows, so that the indoor and outdoor air temperature and indoor air flow speed can reach a comfortable level suitable for human life

environmental protection

in addition to reducing noise pollution, the materials of the doors and windows of the system can be recycled twice, which belongs to green building materials. The frame sash with heat insulation strips attached to the doors and windows of the system can reduce the energy consumption through the window frame and save energy, which is in line with the sustainable development strategy of effectively ensuring economic and social development

strong decorative

the system can achieve the ever-changing color and pattern style through fluorocarbon process, electrostatic powder spraying, porcelain swimming and other surface treatment processes, which can provide consumers with multiple choices, meet the aesthetic standard of color gamut space, and meet the designer's critical and personalized vision

these are the advantages of the system doors and windows. Seeing such attractive doors and windows, what reason do we have to refuse to move them home





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