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CEO of Rockwell Automation and Secretary Ross jointly discuss the future of U.S. manufacturing

(Milwaukee, April 6, 2017) on April 6, 2017, Blake Moret, President and CEO of Rockwell Automation, held talks with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in Washington, D.C. Blake Moret once again promised that the company would fully support the government's employment plans and policies to create new high paying manufacturing jobs for American workers

in the meeting with Minister Ross, Moret, former chairman of the board of directors of Nam Manufacturing Research Institute, spoke highly of Rockwell Automation's contribution to promoting lifelong learning and its key role in enhancing the competitiveness of modern manufacturing industry

moret said: 5. The lifelong learning of the workers in the electromechanical speed adjustment factory can bring competitive advantages to the enterprise. Regardless of the degree of automation, human resources are always the most important asset of an enterprise. Suppliers, manufacturers and the government should make active efforts to promote the development of employees and adapt them to the changes in the industry, And provide employees with "I hope that China and Mongolia can simplify and facilitate training in investment and trade, so that they can be qualified for high skilled jobs.

Rockwell Automation is the largest company focusing on industrial automation and information systems, and has established cooperative relations with more than 80% of manufacturing enterprises in the United States. As a long-term advocate of the U.S. manufacturing industry, the company has made great efforts to invest in lifelong learning of employees to help them prepare for career development in the manufacturing industry, At the same time, it helps employees to cope with the role changes brought about by technological development and job changes at any time

the company provides a number of support plans for employees and customers, including:

providing a comprehensive training plan, providing classroom training and on-the-job training for 15000 people every year

partnership with the government, including participation in the new public-private manufacturing USA program of the Ministry of Defense (Advanced regenerative Manufacturing Institute). As a key industrial automation partner, Rockwell Automation will help achieve innovative breakthroughs in mass production of tissue and organ bio manufacturing industry. The cooperation includes donating 10million US dollars within five years

continue to devote itself to providing new jobs for stem 1, carefully reading the operating instructions and related operation, use and protection of the experimental machine, including the recent four-year sponsorship of $12million to first (for inspiration and recognition of science and Technology) to stimulate young people's interest in science and technology and encourage them to participate in scientific and technological activities

Fuji economy has conducted Market Research on carbon fiber composites and related products in the world and participated in a highly praised inclusive culture program to solve the problems of women's recruitment, development and promotion. This program has achieved widely recognized and measurable results

moret also said: in the meeting with Minister Ross, we had extensive communication on how to build the future of American manufacturing industry. In this regard, this meeting is of great significance. Rockwell Automation is committed to promoting the development of the industry through lifelong training, employee development, technological progress and meaningful partnerships. We look forward to working with Secretary Ross and his team in these areas

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