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Rockwell's new local motor controller simplifies installation for machine manufacturers

allen Bradley armorstart LT distributed motor controller adopts local motor control, which can provide a set of compact modular solutions, especially suitable for light industry and material handling applications

Milwaukee. In January 2012, with Rockwell's new automation series Allen Bradley armorstart LT distributed motor controller, Machine manufacturers can now provide customers with compact distributed motor controllers, which can be installed beside the machine and quickly connected to the enterprise network without using a cabinet

armo is safe to use. Rstart LT distributed motor controller is especially suitable for adjusting conveyor belt motor systems used in material conveying and packaging applications and other warehouse distribution systems. The new series of distributed motor controllers have the advantages of the local control architecture, which is a prefabricated system that helps simplify wiring, shorten commissioning time and reduce the demand for additional cabinet space

with the ethernet/ip connection function, armorstart lt can not only improve the exchange of key information related to machine performance and component status, but also enable operators to access parameters, status and diagnostic information wherever they are

Paul gieschen, head of Rockwell Automation marketing department, said: machine manufacturers need to provide motor control solutions that meet customer budgets and existing network architectures

compared with other local motor control products in the market, the new armorstart LT distributed motor controller has stronger motor control ability, more favorable price and smaller shape

armorstart lt's size and weight are suitable for most common material handling applications, making it easier to integrate on the conveyor belt or beside the machine

in addition, this series of distributed motor controllers adopts dual port ethernet/ip switch technology that supports device level ring (DLR) network topology, which helps to simplify installation. DLR based network can minimize the number of managed switches and reduce wiring requirements, thus shortening configuration time and reducing costs. Users can create a single DLR network, and then connect all device level components locally through the network. Seamlessly deliver information to all levels of the organization in real time without adding complexity. Timely access to real-time information in the appropriate manufacturing environment helps to enhance business flexibility

the distributed motor controller includes user-defined configuration files for Rockwell Automation rslogix 5000 software. Users can use this software to program Allen Bradley CompactLogix and Allen Bradley ControlLogix programmable controllers of Rockwell Automation. The British amsterjean invented the heavy hammer accumulator and a variety of hydraulic machinery and hydraulic components. Every year, professional environmental protection personnel will come to check the automatic predefined label name of the configuration file to provide the manufacturer with a unified language, which helps to improve consistency, programming speed and efficiency

armorstart LT distributed motor controller supports transparent clock, which can be used to synchronize each motor device in ethernet/ip architecture and adjust the delay caused by other devices in the network. In order to improve safety, these devices have standard local disconnection function, which allows the operator to turn off the power during maintenance. The machine has excellent stability, durability and weather resistance, and performs the lock out and tag out process. These controllers are also group motor certified so that multiple devices can be grouped under a single branch circuit protection device

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