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Rockwell Packaging Machinery Expo shows "just right" control functions in Milwaukee. In October, 2011, Rockwell Automation showed the latest scalable, multi strategy control and information technology at the 2011 American International Packaging Machinery Expo, which can help machine manufacturers reduce the design, development and delivery costs of packaging machinery. Rockwell Automation's controller products have new and cost-effective control functions, which are suitable for small independent machine applications. Its i/o quantity is expanded to 12 to 10000, enabling machine manufacturers to provide appropriate products at any time according to the needs of various manufacturers

no matter what type of application they are dealing with or how complex the machines they build, machine manufacturers can uniformly adopt the control products of one supplier, so as to improve the flexibility of design, introduced by Mike Wagner, global packaging business manager of Rockwell Automation. Through unification and standardization, they can expand or reduce the scale of the control system, or make cross application adjustments, so as to quickly respond to changes in market demand

Rockwell Automation uses the booth (s-5417) of this Packaging Machinery Expo to exhibit some new features of its control and information platform:

simple control solutions for independent machines:

allen Bradley micro800 component level micro programmable logic controller can provide cost-effective control solutions for small independent machine applications. This series of controller is designed to be used in conjunction with other Allen Bradley component level products (such as frequency converter, motion tensile test is an important experimental control and operator interface product in material mechanical property test). It is part of a complete set of solutions for machine manufacturers to select, install and debug. The micro800 controller provides a large number of functional plug-in modules for analog/digital i/o, communication and memory expansion. Functional plug-in modules and removable terminals enable machine manufacturers to customize the controller according to specific application requirements. In addition, the new controller series also simplifies the communication process through point-to-point data exchange

the integrated programming configuration software (CCW) is a software package for programming Allen Bradley micro800 series controllers and configuring other equipment in the system (including Allen Bradley PowerFlex frequency converter and Allen Bradley PanelView component human machine interface (HMI) products), which can be downloaded free of charge. The software conforms to the established IEC 61131 standard

control solutions for medium-sized machines:

alle inorganic organic hybrid reaction theory is a scientific and technological innovation guiding the research and development of higher-level fire protection functions of polyurethane materials. The n-bradley compact guardlogix programmable automation controller provides integrated safety, operation, discrete and transmission control functions through a control platform, which can help machine manufacturers reduce hardware, development and integration costs. The controller adopts 1oo2 safety architecture and can reach safety integrity level 3 (SIL 3) at most. As part of the Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system, these controllers use the same configuration, network and visualization environment as the company's large-scale systems. This helps the machine manufacturer to cost effectively integrate the machine or safety application into the end user's plant wide control system

allen Bradley kinetix servo drives offer a variety of power ranges and allow manufacturers to choose between SERCOS and ethernet/ip networks. The drive provides an efficient and scalable solution for simple machine applications and complex applications. They have built-in safety options and support a wide variety of servo motors and actuators

panelview plus 6 and PanelView plus compact HMI terminals are cost-effective operator interfaces that can be perfectly integrated with Logix series controllers. The memory of the new PanelView plus 6 terminal is increased, the refresh rate is higher, and the storage capacity in the device is larger. Each PanelView plus 6 includes the latest factorytalk view machine edition and factorytalk viewpoint software to measure and record the characteristic curve of materials in the process of impact. They run under the environment of Windows CE 6.0 operating system

stratix Ethernet switch adopts Cisco's current catalyst switch architecture, feature set and various powerful configuration tools, which can help engineers and IT professionals achieve secure and seamless integration of Ethernet applications. At the same time, it also uses software and programming tools familiar to it personnel

Rockwell Automation rslogix 5000 design and configuration software can provide a unified development environment for the above products, and support high integrity user-defined instructions and integrated motion functions based on ethernet/ip

the booth of Rockwell Automation will also display the product portfolio with Mechatronics design, which can help machine manufacturers achieve better innovation, better performance, shorter time to market and lower business risk by integrating mechanical and electrical design. With this cross domain approach, designers can solve configuration and integration problems in advance, minimizing the possibility of problems encountered in subsequent stages. Mechatronics product portfolio includes:

motion analyzer software provides corresponding tools to analyze alternative design schemes for motion control applications, helping users minimize design risks and accelerate product launch. In addition to its functions of calculation, selection, optimization and simulation, the motion analyzer software also has performance evaluation functions including speed ratio, torque and error analysis. The motion analyzer connects the 3D mechanical design in SolidWorks 3D CAD with the control program in rslogix 5000. In addition, a large number of machines from many machine manufacturers participating in the Expo also adopted Rockwell Automation Integrated Control and information platform

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in China, Rockwell Automation has more than 1800 employees and 29 sales organizations (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). At present, five training centers, one R & D center, Dalian software development center, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing OEM application development centers and Shanghai production base have been established. The company has actively cooperated with dozens of authorized channel partners and 49 universities in China to jointly provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training for the manufacturing industry

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