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Roche Diagnostics rushed to the front line of anti epidemic to create a number of "Roche's first"

China Singapore, Shanghai, February 12 (Xinhua) -- since the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia, Roche Diagnostics immediately rushed to the rescue and donated diagnostic equipment and reagents worth more than 2.86 million yuan to the China Population Welfare Foundation, including a set of Magna pure 96 automatic nucleic acid extractor, a set of lightcycle 480 II real-time fluorescent PCR instrument and related reagents, It is used to support the disease control department to carry out scientific research on the detection of pneumonia cases infected by novel coronavirus

Roche diagnostic supply chain colleagues always stick to their posts, actively respond to the company's call for "providing rapid support for epidemic prevention and control", try their best to meet the needs of hospitals and centers for Disease Control and prevention all over the country, and contribute their "Roche people" to the country and society. With the further development of the epidemic, the demand of hospitals in Hubei, Hunan, Zhejiang and other severely affected areas and CDCs across the country for epidemic related detection instruments and reagents has exploded. Colleagues in the supply chain have neglected to reunite with their families. They have only one goal in mind, that is, to ensure that materials reach the hands of medical workers as soon as possible and win the battle together

during the Spring Festival holiday, the supply chain team fully communicated with the business department every day by collecting customer needs, sorting out the inventory list, and urgently placing orders and preparing goods to the headquarters; At the same time, all kinds of certificates required for the import of some new products are urgently handled to ensure that the follow-up products can pass the customs smoothly, so as to fully meet the needs of hospitals and centers for Disease Control and prevention in China, especially in Wuhan for Roche diagnostic instruments and reagents

in the face of the sudden increase in the demand for reagents, the supply chain team has closely contacted Roche headquarters to ensure that the subsequent supply can meet the surging demand of the market. The headquarters also responded positively by urgently allocating multiple sets of Cobas z480 instruments of applicable versions to China for expedited shipment to support epidemic control. At the same time, for the start-up of the instrument, contact the domestic suppliers urgently to ensure the supply; For the engineer's spare parts demand, keep 7*24 hours of timely response

with the development of high cost, the external environment is changing every day. In the face of change, the supply chain has followed up and evaluated in real time, and has always maintained efficient operation. It has created a number of "Roche's first" innovative programs to cope with change. It is a non-profit organization association. The state has opened a green channel for imported products related to the epidemic. The supply chain has responded quickly. For the first time, the airport customs clearance mode has been enabled. Personnel have been arranged to go to the airport to complete the labeling and directly send them to the distribution warehouse outside the bonded area, eliminating the link of entering and leaving the bonded area. This has won valuable time for supporting epidemic prevention and control. International flights were grounded in China one after another. Yaoguoliang, general manager of Roche Diagnostics China, personally participated in the coordination, contacted the headquarters urgently, sought the domestic available aviation resources to share with the headquarters, and finally obtained the strong support of the headquarters. For the first time, it arranged a chartered flight to send urgently needed products to China. Domestic road transportation has been blocked one after another, and the supply chain has quickly developed and started the plan of railway transportation, which is also the first time that Roche diagnostic supply chain has connected with customers all over the country through railway tracks

in addition, at the time of the outbreak in China, the gap between TiB molbiol, a global partner of Roche diagnosis in Berlin, Germany, and the ambassador pulley and column in Europe was about (0 lead screw.1 ~ 0.5) mm. The Virus Research Institute of charlette hospital, a general hospital, took the lead in announcing the detection scheme for novel coronavirus in 2019 at the World Health Organization (who). At present, the program has been introduced for the first time and provided epidemic surveillance and scientific research services for China. From safe sample pre-processing to stable data output, the results can be detected within 2 hours as soon as possible to protect the safety of front-line staff as much as possible

Mr. yaoguoliang, general manager of Roche Diagnostics China, said here: "in this war against epidemics, early detection and diagnosis can provide more guarantee for disease prevention and control. Roche Diagnostics is concerned about doctors and patients. We always pay attention to the progress of the epidemic, understand the actual medical needs, and provide support for epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible. We will fight against the epidemic with medical personnel and strive to win the war against epidemics as soon as possible." (end)

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