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According to the requirements of the guide, Rockwell and the new laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University were unveiled. On March 20, 2012, Rockwell Automation officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University and held the unveiling ceremony of the new laboratory. This is a deeper cooperation between the two sides based on the establishment of laboratories in 1998, which marks Rockwell Automation's commitment to cultivating excellent talents in the field of automation, another big step in fulfilling corporate social citizenship, and witnessed Rockwell Automation's efforts and contributions in supporting China's education and promoting exchanges and cooperation with Chinese Universities, It has laid a foundation for enterprises to implement the localization development plan

sunxiaobei, director of human resources in Greater China of Rockwell Automation, signed the strategic cooperation agreement between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Rockwell Automation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to clarify the cooperation contents between the two sides in talent training and technical exchange. The agreement has made specific plans and arrangements in terms of talent training and attraction, employer brand, school enterprise scientific research cooperation, education support, etc. Sunxiaobei, director of human resources of Rockwell Automation Greater China, said: Shanghai Jiaotong University is a well-known key university in China. It has made outstanding achievements in teaching and scientific research. Over the years, it has provided many excellent talents for the company. Many of the company's domestic employees graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen cooperation with the University in talent training

in order to promote cooperation with Chinese universities and local industries, Rockwell Automation has long been committed to the cooperation between Chinese education and industry. Since 1998, Rockwell Automation and Chinese universities started the mutual encouragement project, now it has set up joint laboratories in 51 well-known universities in 20 provinces, cities and regions, and has paid more than 90 million yuan in equipment donation and teaching assistance activities, More than 6000 students are trained at Rockwell laboratories each year

Shanghai Jiaotong, a special chemical company, further confirmed the halide composition in the mixture for hailahook through ion chromatography. As the first batch of joint laboratories, Rockwell Automation donated advanced automation equipment to it, and set up Rockwell Automation scholarship and scholarship of Jiaotong University. Today, Rockwell Automation and Shanghai Jiaotong University have established a new laboratory. The new laboratory has several parts, such as the training room for soft parts and parts that can cause oscillation or pipeline leakage, the motion control research room, the process control research room, and the intelligent motor control center. It has programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems, industrial network equipment, transmission equipment, and low-voltage power. It attaches importance to product quality control, industrial control software, computers Multimedia projector and other equipment

Ms. Trish broskowski, director of global strategic talent management of Rockwell Automation, and Professor zhangwenjun, vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly unveiled the new laboratory

with the transformation of China's economic production mode, it is particularly important to cultivate a number of excellent talents in the field of automation. The cooperation between Rockwell Automation and universities provides students with a window to understand the latest technology development in the field of international automation, creates an engineering practice environment in line with international automation, and shortens the gap with foreign advanced automation technology. As a multinational company with 100 years of experience in industrial automation, Rockwell Automation is very willing to devote itself to the training of excellent talents in China's automation field. As planned, Rockwell Automation China will continue to strengthen cooperation with key universities in the field of talent training, so as to better support the long-term development of the Chinese market

Rockwell Automation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University

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