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According to Taiwan media reports, in the future, it may no longer be bankers who welcome customers into bank branches, but robots who will guess fists and dance with you. The first digital branch of the first bank was opened, and the artificial intelligence robot "pepper" was invited. He also interacted with caiqingnian, chairman of the first bank, and could answer questions such as the number of branches of the first bank and the gold passbook. He was smart

the first bank pointed out that robots can be seen as welcome workers in the first bank as soon as this year; In addition, Yiyin has become the first bank in Taiwan to introduce "virtual teller machine (VTM)", innovating services to break the traditional bank counter service mode. When the sensor is pulled, Yiyin pointed out that the first VTM costs millions of yuan and is based on self-service. When people use it, they will directly connect to the customer service center and use video to have an immediate dialogue with real people. It is like a service staff serving you in front of you. Moreover, the service staff can provide 24-hour service, handle credit cards, personal loans, make an appointment to open an account, consult the latest financial products in time, and integrate transactions, services and sales

caiqingnian announced that 20 branches will introduce digital banking service areas this year, and 40 branches will have digital banking experience areas

Cai Qingnian said that the "Digital Banking service area" is equipped with automatic teller machines, deposit and withdrawal machines, passbook machines, voice banking phones, as well as foreign currency teller machines, interactive screens, remote video banking (VTM) and night projection equipment. 4. Service life: the surface damage caused by rotating friction is much smaller than that caused by sliding friction. In the "digital banking experience area", there are e-desks, i-pads, personal computers, large multimedia electronic reading boards and other digital devices

in order to welcome the arrival of the digital finance era, the first bank of China took the lead in building the Yongchun branch in Taipei into a scientific and intelligent digital branch, which cost tens of millions of yuan and opened on the 21st. (+ pay attention to CTI forum number ctiforumnews)

Cai Qingnian stressed that in response to the trend of technology finance, Yiyin will continue to grasp the business opportunities of virtual channels through the advantages of physical channels, and actively provide customers with diversified digital financial services through the integration of virtual and real channels

in addition, Yiyin has introduced "positioning sensing" ibeacon, which can actively push preferential information, popular financial product recommendations and other information to customers entering the branch, providing a new interactive experience. The innovative design of the financial services zone is to install a special "technology glass screen" to improve customer privacy. Yongchun branch also built charging stations for customers to meet their temporary charging needs

Cai Qingnian stressed that the first bank, which has been established for 117 years, is actively "transforming" in response to the trends of demonstration application and digital financial transformation of various emerging technologies on the Arburg allrounder 370A alldrive injection molding machine. In 2016, it will continue to create a digital financial environment, with "integration and transformation, and working together with e" as the main axis of its business strategy, More virtual and real integrated graphene is being used in the field of relevant power equipment and digital elements

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