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Recently, at the opening ceremony of the new factory of Dongguan Zhongtian Automation Technology Co., Ltd., ABB Robot signed a strategic cooperation agreement with it, which will carry out in-depth cooperation in robot assembly, testing, inspection, polishing, CNC, injection molding and other application fields, and jointly promote the application of ABB Robot

2. Yangzhou high tech Zone intelligent manufacturing standardization pilot has been listed as a national pilot unit. Recently, the National Standards Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology approved 38 units to carry out national high-end equipment manufacturing standardization pilot work, involving 21 fields such as CNC machine tools, new energy vehicles and intelligent manufacturing. According to the list, 6 projects have been approved in Jiangsu and the intelligent manufacturing standardization pilot site of Yangzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone. Yangzhou high tech Zone is a national high tech Industrial Development Zone approved by the State Council in 2015. As the leading industry of Yangzhou high tech Zone, the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry covers three major sectors: CNC metal plate processing, grain feed machinery and oil starch engineering, and has more than 30 complete machines and supporting enterprises above designated size

3. Japan has developed a robot capable of deforming motorcycles

according to the Nikkei, the future robot technology research center (furo) of Chiba University of technology and product designer Junji Yamanaka recently announced that they have developed a partner robot "Canguro" capable of deforming into motorcycles. In addition to assisting daily life like a partner, this robot can also be transformed into a motorcycle to help people travel

4. the first intelligent manufacturing listed company settled in Huoqiu modern industrial park of Hefei high tech Zone

Jiangsu Raleigh Motor Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement with Huoqiu modern industrial park of Hefei high tech Zone, and set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in the modern industrial park of Hefei high tech Zone. The unique reversing valve of PTI, the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance sheet extrusion equipment, was granted a U.S. patent to invest in the construction of the production project of "micromotor and intelligent components". In phase I, 20 assembly production lines and preparation production lines will be built. The proposed land for the project is 150 mu, mainly producing micro motors and intelligent components for air conditioners and washing machines. Jiangsu Reilly is the first listed company and advanced manufacturing enterprise settled in Huoqiu County. Founded in 1993, it has international competitiveness in the field of micro motor manufacturing. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017, with sales exceeding 2billion yuan that year

1. Recently, BAIC new energy and Aodong New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. opened a new round of in-depth cooperation in Beijing, and jointly held the launch ceremony of the "new world" - BAIC new energy vehicle power value separation business model. It is reported that since 2016, BAIC bjev and Aodong have begun to reach strategic cooperation in the power exchange mode, and promote the power exchange mode on a large scale: BAIC bjev focuses on the promotion of power exchange vehicles, and Aodong undertakes the research and development of power exchange technology and the investment, construction and operation of power exchange network

2. Geely new energy automobile project is located in Zhejiang with a total investment of 32.6 billion yuan

Geely new energy automobile project is located in Zhejiang with a total investment of 32.6 billion yuan. The construction of phase I is expected to start before the end of October 2018. The Geely new energy vehicle project planned to be invested and constructed in Changxing will mainly produce complete vehicles and transmissions. It is Geely's new global new energy module platform for small vehicles. Based on the experience and achievements of Geely's cooperative development with Volvo, it adopts new energy power systems such as hybrid power and plug-in hybrid power

3. On July 5, Changan Automobile and BYD signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen to jointly establish a joint venture focusing on the production and sales of new energy power batteries. According to the first-class technical cooperation content of Jinan testing machine factory, Changan Automobile and BYD intend to conduct capital cooperation in the upstream and downstream of the new energy industry chain, jointly carry out the power battery business of new energy vehicles, and jointly establish a power battery joint venture with independent legal person status

4. BAIC, SAIC and GAC jointly build Xi'an new energy vehicle protection device base recently, BAIC, SAIC and GAC jointly invested in Zhongrong electric to jointly build Xi'an new energy vehicle protection device base. It is reported that, as the leading enterprises of new energy vehicles, BAIC, SAIC and GAC will jointly invest in Zhongrong electric this time. With the strong support of the planned Zhongrong new industrial base, relying on Xi'an's strong local electromechanical talent base and the support of Xi'an municipal governments at all levels, Xi'an will be built into a core device industrial base of new energy vehicles, so as to be more intelligent, safe Reliable intelligent components continue to expand their market leadership, attracting more manufacturers to join the device level industrial chain, helping Xi'an's industrial layout and planning

1. Shandong transportation big data research center was established

recently, the first "transportation big data and intelligent transportation high end forum" and the unveiling ceremony of Shandong transportation big data research center were held in Jinan, Shandong. Zhangmengmeng, Dean of the school of transportation and logistics engineering of Shandong Jiaotong University, said that it would take years to build five transportation big data laboratories in comprehensive transportation, smart logistics big data, transportation safety early warning and emergency big data, and set up an academician workstation and a thousand manual workstations

2. Chongqing post and Inspur jointly build a talent training base for big data intelligent industry

recently, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications signed a talent training and industry university research cooperation agreement with Inspur General Software Co., Ltd. the two sides will jointly build a talent training cooperation base for big data intelligent industry to accelerate the development of big data intelligent industry. On the basis of the existing strategic cooperation between Chongqing post and Inspur Group, the two sides further integrated resources to carry out in-depth cooperation, established AAMA 1503 ⑼ 8 data intelligent industry talent training cooperation base, a test method for heat transfer coefficient and anti condensation performance of gate window curtain wall, and improved the talent training quality of big data intelligent industry through school enterprise cooperation

3. the Ministry of industry and information technology will speed up the formulation of key urgently needed standards for cloud computing. Li Ying, an inspector of the information and Software Services Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the pace of innovation in China's cloud computing industry is accelerating. At present, Chinese enterprises have reached the international advanced level in some key technical indicators, and can support the needs of complex application scenarios such as massive concurrency, mixed cloud and multi cloud management. The next step will be to promote the construction of a comprehensive cloud computing standard system, speed up the formulation of key urgently needed standards, explore the working mode of group standards, deeply participate in international standardization, and support third-party institutions to carry out service capability evaluation

4. China mobile sets up xiong'an Industrial Research Institute recently, China Mobile announced the establishment of China Mobile (xiong'an) Industrial Research Institute in xiong'an New District, Hebei Province. The Institute will work with China Mobile Research Institute in Beijing to build an innovation system with deep integration of industry, University and research and an open and shared R & D ecosystem in the fields of smart city, artificial intelligence and new generation network technology, Assist in the construction of smart city in xiong'an new area

1. Schneider Electric integrates 3D printing technology into plastic injection mold

in a joint project integrating 3D printing technology into plastic injection mold production, prodways technologies, OpenLab of Schneider Electric and platinium 3D platform are jointly accelerating the development cycle of industrial products. In order to shorten the time to market, the R & D departments of the world's leading electronic component manufacturers such as Schneider Electric need to rapidly produce their prototypes in order to obtain certification and use the final materials for functional testing. Therefore, the challenge is to get rid of the long-term nature of traditional tools

e release the first set of aerospace additive manufacturing material and process standards recently, the aerospace additive manufacturing Committee (AMS AM) of the international society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) released the first set of industrial additive manufacturing material and process standards, including four specific standards, mainly involving the powder bed based laser melting (lpbf) additive manufacturing technology

3. Zebra held a smart travel exploration conference and launched ar driving black technology

recently, zebra Road Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as zebra Road), an integrated solution provider for connected vehicles, held the 2018 zebra smart travel exploration conference in Shanghai with the theme of "smart travel planet". At the event, zebra network officially released ar driving, a black technology, and jointly established an Internet Automobile Service Alliance (OSA) with many automobile service providers

4. Baidu AI Developer Conference released dumix ar 3.0

recently, "create 2018 Baidu AI Developer Conference" was held in Beijing. The conference not only released the latest progress of Baidu brain, intelligent applet, dueros, Apollo open platform, etc. to the world; As an important part of Baidu AI strategy, baidu ar has also brought a new version of dumix ar 3.0

1. Photovoltaic | the first photovoltaic power station in China using high-efficiency shingle modules is put into operation

2. 5g | Nokia Tencent cooperates to build a 5g joint laboratory to promote new business research and verification

3. Semiconductor | Shanxi Private enterprise has the qualification to formulate national and industrial standards for semiconductor lighting technology for the first time

4. Sensor | Siemens researchers have developed a virtual sensor

5 for "calculating temperature" Battery | Honda and Panasonic will jointly develop removable battery

6 and automatic driving | Daimler has won the first foreign-funded automatic driving road test license in Beijing

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