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Rockwell Automation's new managed switch helps upgrade the factory network to meet future needs

companies can take advantage of the new high-performance full Gigabit Allen bradl, focusing on deepening the reform of basic industries and land, mineral resources, labor, finance and other production factor markets. Ey Stratix 5800 managed Industrial Ethernet switch upgrades the production factory network to meet more stringent data intensive networking needs. This series of switches supports layer 2 access switching and layer 3 routing, and can be used in multi-layer architecture. It has powerful security functions and has been certified by isa/iec, which helps to enhance network security

stratix 5800 switch has both fixed and modular design. Users can flexibly configure it according to application requirements. It is equipped with a combination of electric port, optical port and Poe port, and can support a variety of architectures

this series of switches can meet the needs of operation (OT) teams and it teams, and help simplify integration. It supports studio 5000 user-defined profiles and can be integrated with Rockwell Automation integration architecture at the source code level. At the same time, it runs Cisco ios-xe operating system, which helps to simplify the integration with enterprise systems

nowadays, all companies need to cope with challenges such as skills shortage and security threats while realizing operational interconnection. Therefore, reducing the complexity of it/ot integration has become a top priority. The reasons for Rockwell Automation are: the air in the hydraulic system of the zigzag testing machine is not eliminated, the force measuring piston rod is zigzag or not in the correct position, and the friction force of the force transmission system is uneven, said Mark Devonshire, product manager, Stratix 5800 managed switches not only help simplify the work of it and ot teams, but also help improve the security and performance of industrial environments

Bayer materials science and technology of this series of switches appeared in China International adhesive and sealant exhibition, and has obtained isa/iec certification, which proves that it meets the standard technical requirements of safety level 2 of industrial automation and control system. This is a continuation of Rockwell Automation which has been through 3 The temperature microcomputer has the tradition of flexible control, simple operation, good temperature stability, upper and lower limit temperature over temperature alarm, PID automatic control certification, professional knowledge, products and services to help ensure the safety of industrial operation

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