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Rockwell Automation creates new mobile functions for its factorytalk vantagepoint enterprise

China industrial control industrial control information Rockwell Automation creates new mobile functions for its factorytalk vantagepoint enterprise

(november19,2014, Anaheim, California, USA) now, Manufacturers can easily access the latest performance indicators and data analysis results of plant floor and equipment using any digital device, thanks to the new features embedded in Rockwell Automation factorytalk vantagepoint EMI V6.0 software

vantagepoint V6.0 software now includes vantagepoint mobile component. With this component, users can create display screens and interact with data through any browser compatible with HTML5 and mobile platforms such as IOS and Android. Now, whether users use smart, tablet or PC, they can easily log in to the vantagepoint system, and with the help of rapid response to their devices, users can also automatically view the web-based KPI content. In contrast, the traditional methods of desktop or mobile access to manufacturing data are costly and time-consuming, so this change is of great significance. In addition, this component does not need to contact the administrator or IT personnel to create user specific configurations, so manufacturers can quickly provide data to more users, thus helping to improve productivity

vantagepoint's mobile components can immediately detect the type of device used to access information, and can be adjusted according to the screen used, so that users can get the best experience, said Angela rapko, product manager of Rockwell factorytalk vantagepoint software. This quick solution enables more users to access valuable operational information while reducing the cost of transferring data

another important new function is the composer function. With this function, vantagepoint V6.0 users can browse data based on corresponding roles, priorities and browsing preferences, and can easily customize relevant content according to these factors. With the drag and drop interactive tool of the software, users can create personalized display screens to quickly find the most important information for them. Users can also use the favorites function to configure the display format of KPI data according to their personal preferences, and can select histogram, measurement table or workshop map. Later, data can be saved or shared within the team with the vantagepoint mobile component. Customers show a strong demand to promote the full use of data throughout the organization in order to improve productivity without hindrance, said Kyle Reissner, director of Rockwell Automation mobile platform. We fully consider portability and hope that users can seamlessly switch between different devices, so as to improve their response speed and shorten the time to solve problems. Today, vantagepoint mobile component has become the core part of the point software when factorytalk vantagep customers select the pulling machine, which can bring this ease of use to users

for OEMs, simplified connectivity provides a framework for manufacturing information equipment. In addition, they can access visual data without custom development

for system administrators and system integrators, because the diagnostic function built into vantagepoint V6.0 software server has been improved, and the data source is more and more application centric, they can view and display the overall health of the system and specific applications. The tag library template included in vantagepoint V6.0 software has been improved. Anyone, whether a system administrator or a customer, can become the initial creator of a model or application, which can shorten the design and deployment time

when receiving and applying vantagepoint software updates, all users will benefit from the flexibility of not having to uninstall, reinstall, or, in some cases, revalidate their current applications

with the vantagepoint mobile framework, we plan to release software updates more frequently, including new display controls and various new functions, Reissner said. Our main focus is to reduce barriers, realize the value of productivity, and ensure that users make more smooth and full use of the software

about Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. (nyse: ROK) is the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and informatization. Its mission is to help customers improve productivity and promote sustainable development in the world. Rockwell Automation has integrated well-known brands in the field of industrial automation, including Allen bradl's control products and engineering services (mostly in 510 hours) and the automation management software developed by Rockwell software. Rockwell Automation is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, with branches in more than 80 countries and about 22000 employees

Rockwell Automation in China

in China, Rockwell Automation has more than 2200 employees and 37 sales agencies ("quality" includes Hong Kong and Taiwan). At present, five training centers, one R & D center, Dalian software development center, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing OEM application development centers and three production bases have been established. The company has actively cooperated with 12 authorized channel carbon nanotube partners in Greater China and 62 key universities to jointly provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training for the manufacturing industry

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